A Columbus, Ohio, man was arrested recently after he was found to be in possession of 50 fake $100 bills, police allege.

Eric J. McCullom, 43, 237 Buffalo Court, Columbus, was charged with possession of counterfeit currency with intent to utter.

On Saturday, April 13, Deputy S.C. Fisher of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department saw a dark-colored Toyota sedan traveling at a lower rate of speed than normal traffic on Interstate 77. Fisher followed the vehicle for nearly five miles, noting it went over the fog line for more than 30 seconds at one point.

Fisher stopped the vehicle near the 134 mile marker in Ripley. The driver, later identified as McCullom, stated he did not have a valid driver’s license, according to a criminal complaint filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court.

Deputies interviewed a passenger in the vehicle and found she was concealing a large number of $100 bills. Upon inspection of the bill, Fisher noted they were marked with the same serial number.

When asked about the money, the passenger said it did not belong to her.

During an interview with officers, McCollum stated that he had picked up the counterfeit currency earlier in the day. He also said he knew the currency was fake, according to the criminal complaint.

Officers found a total of 50 counterfeit $100 bills with the same serial number.