A Cottageville woman has been charged with fleeing from police in a vehicle.

Elizabeth Danielle Conley, 34, 113 Main St., Cottageville, was charged with fleeing from police with reckless indifference.

Around 11:18 p.m. on April 4, Deputy B.L. Williams and Sgt. Rhodes were on patrol when they saw a silver sport-utility vehicle parked in the Blaine Memorial Cemetery on Cow Run Road in Cottageville. The vehicle took off at a high rate of speed when the officers pulled into the cemetery, according to a criminal complaint filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court.

Williams and Rhodes caught up to the vehicle on Cow Run Road, but the driver refused to heed the police cruisers lights and siren and pull over, according to the complaint. The vehicle continued toward Mason County at speeds between 20 and 55 mph on a road that is part blacktop and gravel.

Near the intersection with John Deere Lane, the front passenger side tire came off of the fleeing vehicle. The driver allegedly continued into Mason County on a bare rim with Williams and Rhodes in pursuit. The officers noted sparks flying from the exposed rim, according to the complaint.

Approximately two miles into Mason County, the driver crashed in a right turn and the vehicle went off the road to the left and hit a tree head-on, deputies said. As Williams approached the vehicle, he saw Conley allegedly fleeing up a steep hill. He caught up with her at the top of the hill and placed her in handcuffs.

After apprehending Conley, Williams checked on the front-seat passenger, who reported she had struck her head during the crash, deputies said.

The vehicle caught fire in the area of the exposed front rim. Williams removed the passenger from the vehicle and put the fire out, according to the complaint.

A check of Conley’s driving privileges in the state of West Virginia showed her driver’s license under the name Elizabeth Carmichael to be suspended for multiple unpaid citation.

Conley was placed under arrest and taken to Jackson General Hospital for medical evaluation due to the crash. Afterwards, she was was taken to the sheriff’s department for processing.

The passenger in the vehicle was taken from the scene by Mason County Emergency Medical Services.