Chuck Conner is an active member of the Ripley Rotary Club who takes to heart the Rotarian motto “Service Above Self.”

During the Rotary Club meeting on Wednesday, April 3, Conner presented a slideshow of his adventures in Nepal.

For 13 years, Conner has traveled to Nepal with the backing of the Rotary to assist in the building of schools, provide basic supplies to children, and assist in health camps.

In 1996, Conner participated in a group study exchange program in Northern India for five weeks. His experience inspired him to want to go back and do more.

In 2001, he joined the Rotary and in 2004 he took his first journey as a Rotarian to Bandipur, “the living museum of Newani culture.”

Since he first began his mission, Conner, through the Rotary, has supported over 50 schools, taken donations of jewelry, and puzzles, as well as $103,424 in financial donations.

“It’s all about the children,” Conner said. “They have very little and are so grateful for what they receive.”

These funds have provided school supplies, clothing, medical needs, hygiene items, micro-loans and more to the people of Nepal.

In conjunction with other Rotary Clubs such as the Damauli Rotary and Purulia Rotary, Conner has been able to work in health camps and provide much needed materials to those in need.

“It is our duty to reach out our hand to those in need,” Conner said. “We are just people trying to serve the world.”

For more information on Conner’s travels, visit his website at and follow his journal entries in The Jackson Herald every Tuesday under “Namaste Nepal.”