Constellium announced recently that it has signed a multi-year contract with the American privately-funded aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company Blue Origin to support their launch vehicle programs.

This agreement helps Constellium confirm its position as a trusted partner in the space industry for the supply of advanced aluminum products and solutions.

CEO Buddy Stemple said Constellium has a long history in the space exploration market, providing products for Lockheed, Space X and NASA.

“We have been growing in the whole space exploration market. We’ve worked with Blue Origin for a few years now in the development of this program with the Glenn rocket they’re designing,” said CEO Buddy Stemple. “Now we’re a long-term supplier, which will fuel more and more collaboration with them.”

This contract is a new milestone in a successful collaboration between the two companies for the supply of high-performance Airware products. Under this agreement, Constellium is to supply Airware aluminium plates and sheets for Blue Origin’s massive orbital rocket, New Glenn.

Named after pioneering astronaut John Glenn, New Glenn is a single configuration heavy-lift launch vehicle capable of carrying people and payloads routinely to Earth orbit and beyond. Featuring a reusable first-stage built for 25 missions, New Glenn will build a road to space, according to Blue Origin’s website.

“We expect this new contract to strengthen our position as a key supplier of innovative aluminum solutions for the space industry, and as an industry leader more generally,” said Ingrid Joerg, President of Constellium’s Aerospace and Transportation business unit. “It helps demonstrate our know-how and expertise to provide tailored products and spurs our ambition to pursue growth in servicing our partners in the space industry.”

Constellium will supply Blue Origin with Airware plates and sheets from its manufacturing plants at Issoire, France, and Ravenswood.

Stemple said many people in Jackson County aren’t aware of Constellium’s involvement in the space exploration industry.

“I’m continually amazed at the reactions I get when I tell people what we do. The more we can do to get the message out, the better. I think it’s something the people in Jackson County can be proud of,” Stemple said.