Remote control (RC) enthusiasts Derek Randolph and Cerbby Price attended the Ripley City Council meeting on Tuesday to discuss their plans and hopes of building an RC Park inside of the Ripley City Park.

An RC Park is a place for remote control hobbyists to get together to race their cars and trucks for a competitive purpose.

Randolph and Price are planning on creating three types of tracks to be used for their RC competitions: a short course track, a crawler track, and a pull track.

A short course track is for off road racing involving the racing of modified vehicles on a dirt road closed course of a short length. Price estimates the size of their short course track to be 40x60 feet.

The crawler course is a track with different types of obstacles, such as rocks, mud pits, and bridges. Trails will be made in the woods and on hillsides for climbing.

Price would like for the pull track to be 60 feet long by five feet wide to provide the RC vehicles plenty of space to pull.

All three courses would require approximately an acre of land. The spot in the Ripley City Park has already been determined.

Randolph and Price noted they would like to have a competition each month depending on the weather.

After discussion of the project and the plans for the area on which the park would be placed inside the City Park, council unanimously accepted the proposal and gave the approval for Randolph and Price to start working on the tracks.

Mayor Carolyn Rader requested to have a demonstration of the RC Park during the grand opening of the City Park in June.

For more information on the Jackson County RC group, follow them on Facebook at Jackson County RC/JCRC.

In other business:

• Council approved the minutes from the previous meeting.

• Council approved to pay the financial statements as presented.

• Chief of Police Brad Anderson reported they will be doing the physical agility testing on March 9 for the six applicants who have applied for the police officer positions. Anderson confirmed none of the applicants are certified officers.

• Jim Mitchem noted things are going well in the water department other than the air compressors being down. They are waiting on equipment to arrive for repairs to be completed.

• Matt Anderson reported that all the lights around the Municipal Building have been replaced with LED bulbs.

• Tim Haynes, Foreman for the City of Ripley Trash Department, advised that the Solid Waste Authority’s trucks used to pick up cardboard for recycling are down. Mayor Rader informed the council that she and Mayor Miller had decided to loan them their city’s back-up trash trucks for two weeks each, totaling one month, to assist until they can repair their trucks. Council approved this solution.

• The second reading on the ordinance authorizing the issuance of not more than $1.5 million in aggregate principal amount of Sewerage System Design Revenue Bonds Series 2019A was accepted. The third reading will be on March 19.

• Council approved a recommendation to transfer Jamie Burton from the Sanitation Department to the Water Department effective April 12. This now leaves a vacancy in the Sanitation Department.

• Tina Crihfield was recommended to be added to Sokolow Fund Committee to represent Ripley Elementary School. Council accepted the recommendation.

• Kevin Harris updated the council on the changes to Ordinances 171.18 and 171.99. It was addressed that Ordinance 171.18 be written to show court costs increased to $60 in addition to a notice/summons fee of $25. Also addressed was Ordinance 171.99 which Harris requested to change to 171.19 and rewritten to include a sliding fee of $25 to $100 per each separate violation. These were accepted as a first reading for these ordinances.

• Mayor Rader requested to rewrite Ordinance 171.15 regarding replacing a judge for a one time hearing if the judge has a connection to the case. Council discussed the way to rewrite the ordinance and Harris will look into the request to present at the next council meeting.

• A special session was conducted to discuss the 2019-2020 General Fund Budget of $2,387,060 and the Coal Severance of $10,000. The budget was discussed in detail and accepted by the council.