Liz Stewart is the president of Broken Chains Ministries, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. With the assistance of her husband Bill, the Stewarts work with individuals who are attempting to overcome their addictions by focusing on a Christ-Like path.

Their mission is to assist individuals with addictions to be transformed by the renewing of our minds through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in an anonymous environment.

Through a 12-step program similar to Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, the Stewarts focus their 12-steps on the Biblical comparisons by focusing on Christ.

“We saw a need here in Ravenswood for those with addictions who needed a place to go locally,” Bill Stewart said. “We discovered people who wanted to meet with others who have addictions, but didn’t have the transportation to get to Ripley or other locations where these types of meetings were offered.”

The Stewarts want Broken Chains Ministries to be for everyone with an addiction.

“Addictions can be anything from drugs and alcohol to coffee or even church,” Bill Stewart said. “We believe you can apply these types of steps to each situation and be able to overcome them.”

Broken Chains Ministries meets at 6 p.m. every Thursday at First Baptist Church in Ravenswood on 215 Ann Street.

“These meetings are for anyone, anywhere,” Liz Stewart said. “It’s a peer based recovery approach. We started this to let others know there is a way out, there is a different way of life, and we try to help them find that.”

The meeting discussions are in a structured format, and a curriculum is provided titled, Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ.

Some of the meetings are discussions on general topics, others follow the curriculum, and on occasion there are speakers who share their stories of overcoming addictions.

“We try to not only nourish the soul and the mind, but also the body,” Bill Stewart said. “We have had pizza nights and snacks are always served at the meetings.”

Broken Chains Ministries works with the Merck Company Foundation which supports programs designed to promote health, education, and community.

“When an addict wants recovery, they have to chase recovery as much as they chase the addiction,” Liz Stewart said. “If they do not have the avenues they need, it makes recovery that much harder.”

The Stewarts are hoping to expand their meetings to two days per week with Freewill Baptist Church being a location for Tuesday evening meetings. Those plans are currently in the works and not yet finalized.

“Our ultimate goal is to help addicts recover so they can tell their story and help others because our story is His glory,” Bill Stewart said.

For more information on Broken Chains Ministries, contact the Stewarts at 304-532-6000 or 304-761-4849 or on Facebook at Broken Chains @BrokenChainsRavenswood.