The warrant sweep conducted recently by Jackson County law enforcement agencies helped clear several cases, including one in which two men were charged with robbing an individual at a local apartment.

Daniel I. Rairden, 26, of 46 Wilding Circle, Ravenswood, was charged with robbery, and Harley M. Shostak, 24, of 7 Meadowlark Lane, Ripley, was charged with robbery and conspiracy to commit a felony as a result of an incident that occurred on Dec. 3.

Shostak and Rairden allegedly invited a man into the apartment at 7 Meadowlark Lane, Rolling Acres, and attacked him as soon as he walked inside, according to a criminal complaint.

The victim was struck several times, and Shostak allegedly held him down while Rairden took his wallet, the complaint states. The man left the residence and notified law enforcement.

Deputies Luke Casto and Seth Fisher went to the residence, where Shostak allegedly stated the fight occurred outside and he wasn’t involved, the complaint states. The deputies located the victim’s wallet, which contained his West Virginia identification.

Upon further questioning, Shostak told deputies the fight actually occurred inside and, afterward, he threw the victim’s wallet outside, according to the complaint. Shostak continued to deny involvement in the altercation, the complaint states. Rairden left prior to the officers’ arrival.

After additional questioning, Shostak told the deputies that the victim owed Rairden money and Rairden needed a place to “have the altercation,” the complaint states. Shostak allegedly told deputies the plan was to lure the victim into the residence so Rairden could get the money from him, according to the complaint.