The bidding will be competitive, but a good time is guaranteed Friday at the first-ever auction at The Greene Center.

The event kicks off at 6 p.m. at the community center, which is located at the former Kenna Elementary School next to Jackson County Emergency Medical Service's newest station. A portion of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Southern Jackson County Community Foundation to pay for the operation of The Greene Center.

Katie Blackwell is the SJCCF board member in charge of public relations. Ron Price is the dealer for the auction and will bring numerous QVC-style items, Blackwell said. The SJCCF plans to hold auctions once a month. The idea for the auction came from Jackson County Commissioner Mitch Morrison and local business owner Rhonda Barnette.

The SJCCF is running a concession stand, with all of the proceeds going toward the foundation and The Greene Center. The menu will consist of hot dogs, chips, nachos, popcorn, water, soda pop, and other items, Blackwell said.

The center is in the process of raising funds for the installation of a commercial kitchen. Once that happens, the concession stand menu will expand significantly.

Blackwell said the gymnasium at the Greene Center has enough seating for at least 150 people. The auctioneer will be set up on stage with tables in the front to display the merchandise, which consists of all new items."

"There should be seating for everybody," she said. "There will be a row of tables in the front so everyone can see the items before they bid."

There are high hopes for a big turnout.

"We're hoping to pack the place – as many as we can get in there," Blackwell said. "The more people who come the better. There will be a bunch of us on site to answer any questions people may have about renting out the center for parties, as well as the programs we have here."

Any money raised for the SJCCF and the Greene Center will go toward supporting the programs that are getting off the ground. Ideas include a food pantry and an electronics recycling event.

The SJCCF recently received a permit to hold a farmer's market at the center.

"We're still working on getting some vendors and getting the word out," Blackwell said. "We don't have a date yet, but we're hoping to be ready for spring."

The center also has some classes on the schedule, including crafts and painting. There also are plans to hold CPR classes, Blackwell said.

The center is responsible for its own utility bills and the services provided to the community need to be subsidized, so any help would be beneficial. Blackwell said she believes raising funds for The Greene Center and getting a good deal in the process is a win-win for everybody.