The Community Foundation of Jackson County recently added a new fund to its collection of community grant funds.

The American Sign Language Fund for West Virginia Deaf Services is teaching communication to students and instructors in Jackson County.

Research suggests that baby sign language can give a baby the ability to communicate months earlier than those using only vocal communication. This might help ease frustration before a baby begins to talk – not to mention signing with a baby is fun!

Many classes are offered by this group in Jackson County. We hope that our children and adults take advantage of this opportunity to enhance communication amongst those who are unable to hear and or communicate with those who may not be able to hear.

This fund will allow The American Sign Language Advocates and West Virginia Deaf Services as well as The Community Foundation to expand and diversify its offerings, providing grants for educational and entrepreneurial programs, communication development initiatives, and other communication support projects. The financial support of donors will directly assist The American Sign Language Fund for West Virginia Deaf Services to provide programs designed to help businesses grow and succeed in the Jackson County region.

“We are very excited about this partnership and intend to help grow the fund, in turn allowing for increased granting back out into our wonderful community. The Community Foundation is eager to work with the Jackson County Chamber to stimulate the economic health and energy in Jackson County,” Sizemore said.

Anyone interested in learning about The American Sign Language or WV Deaf Services activities can contact Scott Cottle at 304-519-4769 or

Gifts to support The American Sign Language Fund for WV Deaf Services are tax acknowledged and can be mailed to JCCF, Inc., 108 North Church Street, Ripley, WV 25271. Questions regarding this fund or other Foundation funds can be directed to Christy Sizemore, Foundation Director at 304-372-4500 or