During the Ripley City Council meeting on Tuesday evening, Ripley chief of police Brad Anderson made a recommendation to the council to offer a $3,000 signing bonus as an incentive to attract new officers to the department. Anderson noted the two newest officers will be attending the police academy soon and will be out for four months.

“We are looking to hire a new officer,” Anderson said. “We want someone who is already certified who can come on that has already been through the academy and is ready to go to work as a patrolman. I feel this bonus would be a great incentive to get a qualified candidate.”

The $3,000 incentive would be a one-time-only option and would not be paid out until the officer has completed their first year of employment with the department and met all the required standards.

After some discussion, the council approved the signing bonus as presented by Anderson.

In other business:

• The council approved the minutes of the previous meeting as read.

• The monthly statements were approved to be paid by the council.

• Chief Anderson reported the police department has been focusing efforts on ticketing drivers for cell phone usage. He noted there have been several cases of this recently.

• Jim Mitchem advised the council that a water leak was caught and repaired on Klondike Road.

• Doug Skeen noted the new long range surveillance camera has been installed in the park. He stated there are some adjustments to be made, but it will be an asset to the park security. Skeen also reported he has been looking into ESRI software that will help the city trough applications they offer. He is looking into a phone application for the city hydrants and the possibility of doing an online zoning map for the city as well.

• Kevin Harris reported he had a meeting with Mayor Carolyn Rader, Tom Reynolds, and Brad Anderson regarding raising court costs to deter people for skipping out on court dates.

• A motion was made to approve the reimbursement resolution regarding phase II of the city sewer project. Concerns were voiced pertaining to the use of current funds to pay for items that are now needed. The council approved to have all money going out to be reimbursed to the sewer fund from any grants or loans received.

• Mayor Rader reported the registration for Be Mine By The Lakes is down this year. There are around 75 registered as of Tuesday, Feb. 5. Rader also discussed the Ripley Chocolate Festival on April 13. It will begin with a parade and there are several events throughout the day that will follow.

• A motion was made to amend the original Petition for Annexation to show 12.00 acres from the 14.62 as listed. The council approved the amendment.