A Ripley woman has been arrested for allegedly selling methamphetamine.

Jennifer Lynn Hicks, 38, 102 Carter St., Ripley, was charged with delivery of a controlled substance and possession with intent to deliver. Magistrate Jacqueline Casto set bond at $5,000.

On Sunday, Jan. 6, Deputy L.M. Casto of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department was patrolling in Rolling Meadows when he saw a Red Honda motorcycle on the sidewalk in front of a residence on Meadowlark Lane.

Casto noticed the ignition switch wires were pulled out in what appeared to be an attempt to bypass the ignition system.

While Casto was looking at the motorcycle, a male exited the nearby residence carrying a bag. In the side pocket of the bag, Casto noticed a set of digital scales. During questioning, the individual told Casto he also had narcotics inside the bag, which led Casto to discover two small bags of suspected methamphetamine inside a silver cigarette case.

When asked, the individual told Casto the alleged methamphetamine came from a female inside of the residence.

Casto made contact with the occupant of the residence, who granted him permission to enter. When asked if anyone else was there, the resident said Hicks was in the bathroom acting suspiciously.

Casto noted several smoking devices in plain view in the residence. He asked the resident if there were any narcotics in the house and was granted permission to search.

During the search, Casto located a green plastic container with two small baggies of suspected methamphetamine underneath the sink in the bathroom where Hicks was located.

Casto also found a white and pink purse under the sink. The resident stated the purse was not hers, and she believed it belonged to Hicks.

Inside the purse, Casto located a set of digital scales and two chunks of suspected crystal methamphetamine, among other items. He also found Hicks’ social security number and driver’s license in the purse.

Hicks stated that the purse was hers but the alleged methamphetamine did not belong to her.

However, both the occupant of the residence and the male subject Casto first spoke to said Hicks came to the residence to sell methamphetamine.

As Casto placed Hicks under arrest, she pulled away several times and had to be taken to the ground and restrained before being placed into a cruiser.