A Butte, Montana, man was arrested recently for third-offense driving under the influence.

Daniel George Richards, 67, 315 1/2 Jackson St., Apt. 3, Butte, Montana, was charged with third-offense aggravated driving under the influence.

On Sunday, Jan. 6, at approximately 11:54 p.m., Jackson County deputies B.A. DeWees and J.T. Hurt were traveling north on West Virginia 21 near the Kenna Volunteer Fire Department, Station 70.

DeWees saw a maroon Chevrolet Tahoe traveling the same direction in front of the police vehicle. A records check revealed the vehicle belonged to Daniel Richards from Savanna, Illinois.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court, the driver of the Tahoe slammed on the brakes multiple times despite a clear roadway. The vehicle also crossed the fog line twice and the double yellow line on more than two occasions.

DeWees initiated the police vehicle’s emergency lights but the Tahoe did not react. About 30 second later, the driver braked hard and the vehicle swerved to the right, nearly striking the guardrail. The vehicle then pulled over in front of a residence in the 7400 block of Charleston Road.

When DeWees approached the vehicle to speak with the driver, he noticed an open can of beer in the cup holder and an open case of beer missing several cans in the passenger floor.

DeWees said he could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage and believed the driver was intoxicated based on his demeanor and actions, according to the complaint. Richards told DeWees he had drank only two beers.

DeWees asked Richards for his driver’s license, registration, and insurance. DeWees could clearly see Richard’s wallet in the passenger seat, but Richards could not locate it without help, according to the complaint.

DeWees had Richards step out of the vehicle for sobriety tests. Richards refused to take all but one of the tests and was placed under arrest.

The results of a breath test indicated a 0.246 blood-alcohol concentration.

Richards had a previous DUI conviction in Butte, Montana, and a second-offense in Green County, Tennessee.

Red Barn Wrecker Service towed the Tahoe from the scene.