During the Ripley City Council meeting on Tuesday evening, Fred Rader with the Mid Ohio Valley Regional Council, joined the group to present a grant application to secure $1 million for phase two of the city’s sewer project.

“The $1 million would not cover the full cost of the project; however, it would be a tremendous help in reducing the amount of funds that would need to be borrowed through the loan,” Mayor Carolyn Rader said.

Once the grant application is approved by the council, it then goes to the development office and makes its way to Governor Jim Justice. Upon the review of the governor, with his recommendation, it is then sent on to the Appalachian Regional Council for final approval and disbursement of the funds as they see fit.

The council reviewed the grant application, discussed the necessary information, approved, and signed the paper. Fred Rader noted the application with the date of Jan. 15, 2019. He will submit the application and the council will wait to hear the results.

In other business:

• The council reviewed and approved the minutes from the Jan. 1 meeting and payment of the monthly statements.

• Police Chief Brad Anderson presented the council with the December activity summary. The Ripley Police Department responded to 314 calls of service in addition to business and city park walking patrols as well as general mobile patrols. Anderson also reported the department participated in the annual “Shop With a Cop” program for underprivileged children and participated in several school patrols and activities.

• Doug Skeen noted that a camera with a more powerful zoom will be installed next week at the Ripley City Park.

• Matt Anderson said the city bucket truck may be beyond repair possibly costing more to fix the vehicle then it is worth. Skeen added he believed the current bucket truck has been used for over 13 years. Anderson also stated Tom Reynolds would like to have the council consider purchasing a new, used bucket truck and using the old one and the old street sweeper as a trade if possible.

• Mayor Rader mentioned a resignation letter received from officer Jordan Anderson. She requested the council vote on the approval. Council approved Jordan Anderson’s resignation from the Ripley Police Department.

• Council members reported on the Parks Advisory Board regarding the Westside Park. It was noted that the park is in need of some repairs. Mayor Rader noted that as part of the grant received by the Roane-Jackson Technical Center, the vo-tech students have agreed to build benches and create new signs for use at the parks.

• Mayor Rader recommended Cheryl Miller, Fonda Moore, Ceason Ranson, Jillian Bright, Matt Anderson, Keith King, and Ed Smolder to serve a one-year term on the Beautification Committee. Council approved the recommendation.