This weekend’s installment of Music at the Mac will feature New Jasper Station.

The event is set for Saturday, Jan. 12, at the McIntosh House, also known as the Ravenswood Community Building, located at 300 Henrietta St. next to the NYA Hall.

The evening will start with a cocktail hour from 6-7 p.m., with the music to follow from 7-9 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. The event also has a BYOB policy.

New Jasper Station consists of Jenny Walker on vocals, Mark Ward on guitar, James Gettles on bass, and Joel Ramsey on lead guitar.

“It’s mostly acoustic instrumentation with an upright bass. We have a folksy, grassy sound with some electric guitar layered on top of it,” Ward said.

The band’s repertoire includes originals and covers that span genres.

“We pick on anyone we think sounds good,” Ward said. “We play not quite everything, but just about anything.”

There is a definite musical “conversation” happening between band members at any given show, Ward said.

“I have the blessing to be able to play with some extremely talented musicians who add their own voices to the conversation how they feel it at the moment,” Ward said.

Walker and Ward, who are both from Gallipolis, have been musical partners for more than 15 years. They cut their teeth playing in international blues competitions.

“We did fairly well. Eventually, we got burnt out on playing the blues in the box you have to play it in for those competitions,” Ward said. “You’d be hard-pressed to find another singer in our region with more talent.”

Gettles also is a native of Gallipolis who now lives in Dublin. He is very much a part of the music scene in the Columbus area, Ward said.

With a background in theater, Gettles is the showman of the band.

“He has the best stage presence of all of us, and he plays right in the pocket,” Ward said. “I have a tremendous respect for James and what he does. I love him on that upright bass. He brings the showmanship to the stage.”

Ward said he also has a great amount of respect for Ramsey, who is a Ravenswood resident.

“Joel is the best musician I’ve ever played with. I’m going on 50 and I’ve played with lots of people. Joels ability to insert his voice in the conservation is unparalleled. His tone is fantastic. There is nothing that Joel cannot play,” Ward said.

New Jasper Station’s style lends itself to the listening room atmosphere at the McIntosh House, Ward said.

“You can let the music speak for itself. We don’t get to play enough of those style of places. Those places are hard to find anymore. We’re looking forward to it,” he said.