A Cottageville man has been charged with sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl.

Nathan Hall, 20, 261 Millpoint Drive, is charged with five felony counts of first-degree sexual abuse. Magistrate Laura Pursley set bond at $250,000. Hall posted bond and has been released from custody.

Hall is accused of having sexual contact with the girl when he was 18 and still a senior at Ripley High School, according to a criminal complaint filed in magistrate court.

Around noon Dec. 19, Deputy Julia Bowen of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department met with the girl’s mother regarding sexual abuse that allegedly occurred at Hall's residence.

The girl, now 13, told her mother the alleged sexual abuse occurred during the 2016-2017 school year when she was in sixth grade, according to the complaint. She was a friend of the Hall family who would spend time at the home, and she reported that the abuse happened several times there.

According to the complaint, when the girl was at Hall's residence, he would come into the room where she was sleeping and carry her into his room, where he then would engage in inappropriate sexual contact with her. The girl stated this occurred several times throughout her sixth-grade year.

She told her mother she didn't report it because she thought she would be in trouble, according to the complaint.

On Dec. 20, Bowen interviewed the girl at the sheriff's department. The girl stated she often would stay at the residence during basketball season, which ran from November 2016 to January or February 2017.

On one occasion, Hall told the girl to come to his room. Once there, Hall showed her photos of females on his phone, according to the complaint. The girl stated she didn't know the girls in the pictures but they might have been Snapchat pictures of girls from Hall's school.

Hall also showed the girl pornography from a social media site on his phone, the complaint alleges. As they watched, Hall made inappropriate sexual contact with her. After this occurred, Hall told the girl to get out and warned her not to tell anyone what had happened.

A few weeks later, the girl again spent the night at the Hall residence. She was asleep when Hall came in to the room, picked her up and carried her to his room. She told Hall she was tired and did not want to do anything, but he engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with her, the complaint states.

Hall allegedly told the victim he would let her go back to bed in exchange for sexual favors. Afterward, he told her to get out and warned her again not to tell anyone.

The victim said this activity occurred at least five times over the next several months. On one occasion, Hall gave her an alcoholic beverage that made her feel dizzy and sick, the complaint says.

The last time during the girl’s sixth-grade year that Hall carried her into his room, the complaint states, she laid on the bed and refused his advances. Hall became angry, called her a name and told her to get out.

The complaint also alleges Hall asked the girl multiple times if she would be interested in having sexual intercourse with him. Each time, she told him no.