A Ravenswood man was arrested on felony domestic violence charges for allegedly attacking a woman in his Kaiser Avenue residence.

Joshua Lewis Click, 30, of 906 Kaiser Ave., Ravenswood, was charged with third-offense domestic battery. Jackson County Magistrate Laura Pursley set bond at $75,000. Click was incarcerated in South Central Regional Jail.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court, Cpl. David Prechtl was on duty in Ravenswood when Jackson County 911 dispatchers reported a woman was injured on Kaiser Avenue and emergency medical services had been dispatched to the scene.

When Prechtl arrived, he discovered the victim and her 3-year-old daughter at a neighbor’s residence, where the victim had borrowed a mobile phone to call 911.

Officers noted the victim was visibly injured, with bruises on her left cheek and around her fingers on her left hand. She also had a laceration on one of her hands. The victim also reported pain in the back of her head from where she had been shoved into a wall.

Police said the victim was up upset, crying, and was worried about her daughter, according to the complaint. She stated Click had began arguing with her shortly after she arrived at the residence at 906 Kaiser Ave. She said she picked up her daughter and retreated to the kitchen to avoid him.

The victim stated Click punched a metal sign on the wall in the dining room, denting it and knocking it off the wall. She stated that Click forcefully grabbed the skin of her stomach and also pushed her into a corner, holding her against the wall. Click allegedly slammed her head into the wall hard enough to cause her her to “see stars” and almost black out. He also grabbed the victim’s face and choked her, according to the complaint.

Click also allegedly pushed the victim against the stove in the kitchen. Prechtl noted the stove was sitting crooked with several knobs broken off, and that a pan of food had been knocked over.

The victim said Click attempted to remove a ring from her finger and allegedly cut and bit her in the process. Click grabbed a small glass candle, put it up to the victim’s head, and threatened to kill her if she notified the police, according to the complaint.

All throughout the ordeal, the victim was holding her daughter and she told police Click had attempted to take her daughter away from her. There were no visible injuries to the child.

The victim attempted to call 911 from her cell phone, but Click took the phone from her, according to the complaint. Prechtl found the victim’s phone and purse on the bed in the bedroom.

The victim was was able to get Click to back off long enough for her to run out the back door. A witness, who had just pulled in to visit the house next door, saw a Honda Civic leave 906 Kaiser Ave. and drive away at high speed heading south on Kaiser Avenue.

At that time, the victim came around the front to the house next door and used the visitor’s phone to call 911. At the scene, Prechtl noted the victim was sock-footed.

The victim’s mother arrived and the victim decided to be taken to Jackson General Hospital to get checked out.

Prechtl and Deputy Seth Fisher of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department were able to make contact with Click, who met the officers at the sheriff’s department.

According to the complaint, Click has two prior convictions for domestic battery, one in 2009 and another in 2013.