Two men were arrested recently after police found suspected methamphetamine, laboratory components, and an apparent pipe bomb in their residence.

Ronnie Lee Price, 45, 85 Wyant Walk Road, Gay, was charged with operating a clandestine laboratory, possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Trevor Gage Price, 19, 85 Wyant Walk Road, Gay, was charged with operating a clandestine laboratory, possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, conspiracy to commit a felony, and illegal possession of a destructive device/explosive materials.

Jackson County Magistrate Laura Pursley set bond at $250,000 each.

According to a criminal complaint filed in magistrate court, on Thursday, Nov. 29, Deputy L.M.Casto, Deputy C.R. Saltsgaver, and Lt. T.T. Roberts of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, along with J.P. Anderson of the Ripley Police Department, executed a search warrant at the Price residence on Wyant Walk Road.

During the search, officers located the Prices along, with two adults and two juveniles, in the residence. They also located several small baggies of suspected crystal methamphetamine, a set of scales, and several new cases of small baggies typically used for narcotics distribution, according to the complaint. Officers also located several glass smoking devices throughout the residence.

In Trevor Price’s room, Casto located a jar of suspected methamphetamine. According to the complaint, Trevor Price said the substance was a non-narcotic powdery substance that was made to look like crystal methamphetamine.

Casto also found what appeared to be the components of a clandestine laboratory, including rock salt, muriatic acid, pseudoephedrine cold medicine, Liquid Fire, Heet, iodine, road flares, and other items. Some of the items were found together in the residence, while others were in a heated outbuilding that appeared to be where the clandestine laboratory was operated, according to the complaint.

Casto also located a ledger with what appeared to be directions on how to operate a laboratory. He also found a Gatorade bottle with white residue inside, which appeared to have been a part of the cooking process.

During the search, Casto also located with the clandestine lab materials a mason jar with an oil substance with a filter system at the lid.

Officers also found a piece of PVC pipe closed on both ends with a yellow powder inside. Trevor Price stated that the yellow powder was from the road flares and that he planned using it as an explosive device. He also initially said the items the officers thought were used in the clandestine lab were actually items he was using to make explosive devices. Officers also discovered a homemade 12-gauge firearm inside the room occupied by Trevor Price.

Saltsgaver interviewed a witnesses who said he saw Trevor Price sell methamphetamine to at least six different people at 85 Wyant Walk Road. The witness said he also saw Trevor Price weigh the meth out on a green scale, the same scale that officers recovered during the search, several times while he had stayed there.

During an interview with officers, Trevor Price said he did attempt to operate a methamphetamine laboratory but was pressured to do so by the witness, who instructed him how to do it and obtained some of the necessary items.

Ronnie price allegedly admitted to selling methamphetamine out of the residence, according to the complaint.