During the Ripley City Council meeting on Tuesday evening, Matt Anderson presented a proposal to purchase a mobile message board. The board will be an asset to the city during activities and events such as accidents and parades.

The board will be trailer-mounted, mobile, solar-powered with battery back-up, and programmable depending on the situation. Other features include a removable hitch and speed detector.

“When situations occur, we need to be able to let the public know what is going on,” Anderson said. “This would allow motorists to take precaution during times of sudden accidents as well as planned and unplanned events.”

The message board will assist in making everyone aware of what is happening and let them know when to be cautious during car wrecks, fires, parades, or any other issues that require special attention. It will let everyone know what is going on and how to reroute to avoid possible delays.

“It’s our duty to make the public aware of what lies ahead, when we can, so further incidents can be prevented, and I feel this would do just that,” Mayor Carolyn Rader said.

After much discussion, the council accepted Anderson’s proposal and approved the purchase of the mobile message board.

In other business:

• Council approved the minutes of the previous meeting in the absence of Recorder David Casto.

• Council voted to approve the financial statements.

• Rader proposed the disbursment of the Employment Management Incentive, council approved.

• Rader reported from Aug. 13 to Nov. 20, $10,729 has been collected from the city parking meters. This number does not include revenue from parking tickets.

• Rader announced the opening of Athletic Outfitters, in it’s new location, will be 10 a.m. on Saturday, Nov.24.

• Rader noted the Veteran’s Day parade and event was a success. A total of 758 veterans were mentioned and honored during the festivities. Over 170 people carried signs and walked in the parade in support of the veterans.

• Council voted to donate $100 to the Shop with a Cop event on Saturday, Dec. 15.

• Brad Anderson, Ripley Chief of Police reported that the two new officers both passed the psychological testing and their applications have been completed and sent to the police academy.

• Tom Reynolds was sworn in by Rader as the new Municipal Court Judge.

“I want people to know that Ripley is fair and just,” Reynolds said. “That is my goal.”