A Ravenswood man has been charged with burglary and malicious wounding after he allegedly stabbed a man who confronted him about breaking into an outbuilding.

David Travis Carte, 28, 717 Cypress St., Ravenswood, was charged with felony counts of malicious wounding and daytime burglary. Jackson County Magistrate Jacqueline Casto set bond at $50,000.

Around 10:51 a.m. on Nov. 11, Cpl. J.B. Thompson of the Ravenswood Police Department received a call about a breaking and entering on Douglas Avenue.

Dispatchers with the Jackson County 911 Center reported the victim was chasing the suspect on foot. A short time later, they reported the chase was over and the victim had been stabbed.

When he arrived, Thompson found the victim was bleeding profusely from his right hand and reported he had been stabbed in the chest as well.

The victim reported a witness had told him that Carte had been inside the victim’s outbuilding. Carte fled when the victim confronted him.

The victim said he caught Carte and they got into a physical altercation, at which point Carte allegedly stabbed the victim in the chest and cut his right middle finger.

The victim reported Carte had gone through his toolbox in the outbuilding, but he was unsure what items had been stolen.

While Thompson was speaking with the victim, Deputy B.A. Varney of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department reported he had Carte detained on Washington Street near Wendy’s.

When he finished speaking with the victim, he went to Washinton Street, where he found Carte was in possession of a brown shave bag that was stained with blood. He also had a Sheffield multi-tool equipped with a knife blade. Thompson noted blood droplets on the multi-tool and on the gloves Carte was wearing.

Carte was taken to the Ravenswood Police Department for questioning. He told officers he went to the victim’s residence accompanied the witness and went into the outbuilding to wait for the victim.

He said the victim started yelling at him and proceeded to chase him with a hatchet and pepper spray. He said the victim swung the hatchet at him but missed.

Carte stated it was at that point the victim dropped the hatchet and pulled something from his sock. Carte said the victim then sprayed him with pepper spray.

Carte said he and the victim got into a physical altercation, but the victim may have stabbed himself.

Carte told police that after the altercation, he went to a relative’s home on Harpold Street to clean up a scratch on his left wrist.

An officer went to the relative’s home and was able to confirm that Carte did go there. The relative told officers that Carte had the Sheffield multi-tool open when he entered the relative’s apartment.

The relative told officers Carte had gone to the victim’s home over money that was owed to him.

When asked about the Sheffield multi-tool, Carte stated it belonged to the victim and he picked it up after the altercation

Officers also spoke with the witness who accompanied Carte to the victim’s residence.

The witness stated he caught Carte in the victim’s outbuilding and told him tp get out. The witness said the victim came outside and he told him that Carte had been in the outbuilding.

According to court documents, the witness stated Carte and the victim ended up in a physical altercation. The witness said he noticed Carte had something in his hand and that he had stabbed the victim.

The witness told officers he grabbed Carte by the back and threw him off of the victim. The witness said the victim was not armed with anything but pepper spray.