A stolen vehicle case turned into a head-on collision recently when the victim and his father attempted to track down the missing car.

Dallas Liston, 26, no address available, was charged with a felony count of grand larceny as a result of the incident.

On Sunday, Oct. 21, at approximately 3:30 p.m., state police Cpl. B.A. Chandler received a call through Jackson County 911 regarding a vehicle missing from 1683 Statts Mills Road, Ripley, according to a criminal complaint filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court.

The victim reported he allowed Liston to borrow his 2015 Dodge Dart. He described the vehicle as being black with dark-tinted windows, a crack in the windshield, and having a temporary Florida registration.

The victim told Chandler he had tried calling Liston but his phone was apparently turned off. The victim indicated several areas where he thought Liston might be. Chandler conducted patrols of those areas but was unable to locate Liston or the vehicle.

Around 10 p.m. on the same day, Chandler returned a call to the victim, who reported he had contacted Liston, who said he had fallen asleep and was going to return the vehicle. However, Liston allegedly failed to follow through.

On Monday, Oct. 22, at approximately 2:52 p.m., Chandler received a call through Jackson County 911 regarding a possible sighting of the stolen vehicle. He was advised to contact the victim in reference to this sighting.

The victim told Chandler the vehicle was supposed to have been at a residence off of Shinn Lane in Ripley. The victim advised the car was there the night before but had since left.

Chandler responded to Shinn Lane and met with the victim and his father. The victim and his father were actively looking for the vehicle in a white Chevrolet pickup owned by the victim’s father.

On the same day, around 5 p.m., Chandler received a call from Jackson County 911 who advised the victim and his dad had located the stolen car in the Cottageville area and was following it at high rates of speed.

Chandler continued to receive updates and was advised both vehicles had turned right onto Evans Road and were coming through a straight stretch. This officer was on an unrelated call on Evans Road and responded west toward the vehicles that were traveling east on Evans Road.

At that time, Chandler was advised by Jackson County 911 that the vehicles were just involved in a head-on collision on Evans Road. When he arrived at the scene of the crash, Chandler identified Liston as the occupant of the stolen vehicle. Liston was still in the driver’s seat and was injured.

The vehicles were off to the left side of Evans Road and the front of the white truck was pushed into the front of the stolen vehicle, which was backed up against a tree and had taken out a fence post and some barbed wire.

Emergency medical services attended to Liston, and Chandler spoke to the victim and his father, both of whom were uninjured.

The victim’s father said he and the victim had located the stolen car and Liston on the Cottageville Bridge and followed the car up Route 62 at high speeds. The vehicle turned right onto Evans Road and was gaining distance on the victim’s father’s truck.

When the truck crested the hill on Evans Road, Liston had turned around and was in the oncoming lane. The victim’s father stated he “slid a little bit” and Liston kept driving in the oncoming lane and hit the truck head-on.

The victim got out of the truck and ran toward Listen, who allegedly had the stolen vehicle in reverse and was backing up on Evans Road, in an attempt to get him to stop. The victim’s father said he tried to get his son back in the truck but was unsuccessful. Liston allegedly backed the vehicle into a tree on the left roadway edge. The victim’s father stated he put his truck into the front of the stolen car.