Friday morning, the students of Ravenswood Grade School received a special musical treat.

David Wells, a national performer, Grammy nominee, co-host of a syndicated radio show (Chocolate Jazz Radio Network), and concert promoter in Nashville stopped by to do a presentation on bullying and making right choices.

Wells has been playing the trumpet since the age of 9 and he has released over 15 albums during his musical career. He travels to high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools all over the country to share the power of music with the use of his trumpet and flugelhorn.

Statistics show one out of every three kids are bullied every day of the school year. Over 160,000 kids do not go to school because they are afraid of being bullied. Wells’ main goal is to inspire teenagers and children to be kind to one another, to always stick up for what they believe in, and to never be afraid to speak out.

“Living in West Virginia as a full-time “Jazz Artist” was not the easiest thing to do and being in the band wasn’t the most popular thing to do. I was often criticized, bullied, and had low self-esteem, but through perseverance and hard work, I’m living my dream,” Wells said.

After capturing the attention of the students at Ravenswood Grade with the soft, soothing melody of his trumpet, he shared with them the importance of making the right choices. With his motivational videos, he shows what happens with each choice that is made.

Wells emphasized his three Ds for any situation.

“The three D’s or three key ingredients to doing well are desire, discipline, and determination,” Wells said. “Whether playing a musical instrument, participating in a sport, or striving for good grades, it is important to practice the three D’s.”

As part of the presentation, Wells had three teachers and three students show off their musical ability by blowing on either the trumpet or flugelhorn. The students enjoyed the show and the message was clear; everyone has different talents and there is no shame in being different.

“Stand up, work harder, believe in the power of music and let’s put an end to bullying,” Wells said.

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