A Ripley man has been arrested for allegedly shaking and choking his infant daughter because she would not stop crying.

Jeffery Hoskins, 25, 6 Meadowlark Lane, Ripley, was charged with felony child abuse by a parent causing serious bodily injury. He was arraigned by Magistrate Laura Pursley, who set bond at $250,000. Hoskins was in South Central Regional Jail.

Hoskins allegedly shook his 7-month-old child hard enough to cause subdural hemorrhages because the child would not stop crying, according to a criminal complaint filed in magistrate court.

Around 8:21 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 7, West Virginia State Police South Charleston Dispatch contacted Trooper M.P. Fannin about a possible shaken-baby case at Women's and Children's Hospital.

On the same day, Deputy Julia Bowen of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department called Cathy Richards, a Child Protective Services worker, and was told about the incident. Richards reported that around 8:12 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 6, Tiffany Hoskins called 911 to report her child was unconscious and was not breathing.

Jackson County Emergency Medical Services transported the child to Jackson General Hospital, where she was treated for cardiac arrest. At around 10:40 p.m., Health Net flew the child to Women's and Children's Hospital, where a CT scan showed bilateral acute subdural hemorrhages on both sides of the brain.

According to Bowen's complaint, at the hospital, Jeffrey Hoskins reported he was feeding the infant when it went limp. But the child had slight bruising to her left eye and under the left chin area, indicating the baby may have been shaken. At that time, the parents were not questioned about the incident. The child was put on a ventilator, was given paralytic drugs, and was in a chemically induced coma. However, during their telephone conversation, Richards advised Bowen that Cathy Scarberry, CPS worker, was at Women's and Children's Hospital at that time.

Around 10:30 a.m. Sunday, Fannin and Bowen arrived at Women's and Children's Hospital in Charleston. Registered nurse Callie Herdman was caring for the infant and informed officers the child had bilateral acute subdural hemorrhage and bruising under her eyes and chin.

"Herdman brought us in the room, and I took photographs of the bruise under her chin and eyes," Bowen said in her report.

Herdman also pointed out a bruise that appeared on the child's arm and upper thigh. Herdman reported the child was taken off the paralytic drugs but was still on the respirator. She also told the officers that an eye doctor was scheduled to come in that afternoon to determine if the retina was damaged, which would determine if the baby had been shaken, according to Bowen's report.

Fannin and Bowen spoke with Jeffrey Hoskins, who told the officers he was feeding the baby when she started choking, causing her to lose consciousness and stop breathing. He told the investigators he took the child upstairs to Tiffany Hoskins, who called 911. Dispatchers instructed Jeffrey Hoskins on how to perform CPR until EMS arrived, according to Bowen.

"When questioned further, Jeffrey Hoskins changed his story and confessed to shaking the child after it choked on the formula and lost consciousness. Jeffrey Hoskins continued to change his story, stating that he shook the baby harder than he originally stated," Bowen wrote in her report.

Around 12:14 p.m. Sunday, Jeffrey and Tiffany Hoskins went to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. Jeffery Hoskins was given a stuffed Teddy bear and was asked to demonstrate how he shook the baby. He continued to state he was feeding the child and that she was choking. However, Jeffrey Hoskins allegedly confessed to knowing that he was shaking the baby too hard and caused the injury, according to Bowen's complaint.

Fannin and Bowen interviewed Tiffany Hoskins, who reported there had been domestic violence in the home and that Jeffrey Hoskins has been arrested three times. Tiffany Hoskins also stated that she witnessed Jeffrey Hoskins put his hand over the baby's mouth and nose to make her stop crying and would become frustrated if she did not stop crying. Tiffany Hoskins stated that she also recalled bruises and a bump on the child's head that were not explained to her and occurred while the baby was in her husband's care, according to Bowen.

Fannin and Bowen interviewed Jeffrey Hoskins again and informed him of what Tiffany Hoskins had said. Jeffrey Hoskins allegedly told the officers he made up the story about the child choking. He said that the child was crying and wouldn't stop, so he shook her hard and then held her by the neck and choked her, Bowen's complaint states.