Ripley City Council accepted bids for two big-ticket items to improve the city.

During a 7 p.m. meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 2, council accepted two bids, one for new restrooms and one for a street sweeper.

Smith Carolina placed a bid of $54,922 to install a new pre-fabricated restroom in the Ripley City Park.

“The restroom will be a huge improvement over the current port-a-potty facilities that are there now,” Mayor Carolyn Rader stated.

The building will be set on a gravel bed and plumbing will be installed for the toilets and sinks.

Another improvement to be added is a new street sweeper. One bid was received from Golden Equipment Company for $160,480. This includes training of city employees to run the machine and a 36-month, unlimited mileage warranty.

Since the current street sweeper was not able to be traded for the new one, the city will offer it to some local towns that may need one. The sale of the old sweeper will generate funds to be placed back into the city account. The city hopes to receive $15,000 to $20,000 for the old machine.

In other business:

• The Sept. 18 meeting minutes were accepted and approved.

• Brian Thompson questioned the fire alarm maintenance bill. Matt Anderson confirmed it was a yearly cost. The bills were accepted and approved.

• Rader presented the council with a retirement letter from judge William L. Rectenwald. Rectenwald will retire effective Oct. 31. The board accepted and approved the letter.

• Under the recommendation of Rader, Tom Reynolds was accepted and approved as Rectenwald’s replacement effective Nov. 1.

• Kathy Johnson will take over the responsibilities of city clerk effective Nov. 1.

• Kevin Harris provided an update on the Mid-Ohio Valley Opioid Litigation Alliance Lawsuit. He advised the council that their office had filed the first lawsuit today and more information would be available soon.

• The council approved the purchase of the new security alarm system for the city park. Alarm Pro will provide the service under their bid of $24,599.75.

• The resolution supporting Home Rule as a permanent program was accepted and approved.

• Rader recommended Councilor Danny Martin for the Local Emergency Planning Committee. The council approved the recommendation.

• Matt Anderson reported the fall project of street paving will tentatively begin on Nov. 5, weather permitting.

• On Oct. 18, Doug Skeen will be attending a FEMA class in Bridgeport.

• Attendance for the MOVMA dinner on Oct. 17 at St. Mary’s was discussed and those going were approved.

• Police Chief Brad Anderson told council a new secretary was hired and is working out well. He hopes to hire a new officer this week. Anderson reported the department will then administer psychological testing. He would like to use the voice stress analyzer to test the new hire.

When asked about the difference between the polygraph and voice analyzer, Anderson said, “I feel the voice stress analyzer is better because it analyzes the voice in a conversation whereas the polygraph only does a yes or no response.”