Ravenswood moved to 2-2 on the season after a 3-28 loss to the Sherman Tide, who rolled to 4-1, Friday at Flinn Field.

After a scoreless first quarter, Tanner Snodgrass scored the lone points for Ravenswood with a 30-yard field goal after 7 plays and a 50-yard drive in the second quarter.

Tommy Harper then scored consecutive rushing TDs for Sherman, first on a 17-yard run and then on a 12-yard scamper to round out the second.

The third quarter was also scoreless, with Sherman rounding out the evening with TDs by Harper and Seth Rinchich in the fourth.

The Ravenswood defense improved over its recent loss to Williamstown, defensive coordinator Jason Jackson said.

“The defense improved greatly and held Sherman in check to only 12 points into the 4th quarter with around 7 minutes to play in the game. Sherman had a very outstanding line with great size and finally wore us down,” Jackson said.

“The pass defense improved greatly as they defended 3 passes and intercepted one while keeping Sherman to under 50 yards passing and not giving up any scores,” Jackson said.

Luke Jackson led with 14 total tackles, 7 solo, 7 assists, 3 for loss, and one caused fumble; Wayne Stephenson had 13 tackles, 4 solo, and 9 assists; Chase Hood had 11 tackles, 4 solo, 7 assists, 1 for a loss; Jacob Anthony had 9 tackles, 3 solo, 6 assists, 1 for a loss, and a caused fumble; Caleb Lane had 8 tackles, 2 solo, 6 assists, and one for a loss; Sam Sturm had 6 tackles, 4 solo, 2 assists, and two defended passes; Max Hilton had 5 tackles, 1 solo, 4 assists, and one interception; Joe Chambers had 5 tackles, 1 solo, 4 assists, and one defended pass; Erickson Corbin had 4 assisted tackles; Kenley Hickman had 4 assisted tackles and a fumble recovery; Brice Lively had 3 assisted tackles; Case Fletcher had 1 solo tackle; Joe Joe Menas had 1 assisted tackle.

Luke Jackson led the Red Devil offense with 47 yards on six carries. Jacob Anthony had 24 yards on 9 carries; Chase Hood had 24 yards on 5 carries; Sam Sturm had 9 yards on 3 carries; Wayne Stephenson had 5 yards on 2 carries; Max Hilton had -19 yards on 10 carries.

Max Hilton was 5-1 passing with 0 yards. Sam Sturm was 2-0. Wayne Stephenson was 1-0 receiving.

While Ravenswood drew no penalties, they picked up only 5 first downs.

Jacob Anthony had 8 punts for 316 yards, for an average of 39.5 yards. Joe Chambers had 1 punt return for no gain.

Tanner Snodgrass had 2 kickoffs for 90 yards, averaging 45 yards per boot.

Sturm returned the ball 3 times for 85 yards, averaging 28 yards per return. Bryson Litten had 1 return for 14 yards.

Tommy Harper led the Sherman offense with 232 yards on 27 carries and three TDs. J.T. Hensley had 22 carries for 11 yards. Carter Dunfee had 73 yards on 5 carries.

J.T. Hensley was 10-3 passing with 44 yards and 1 interception. Colton Bowman had two catches for 33 yards; Tommy Harper had one catch for 11 yards.

Sherman drew 8 penalties for a loss of 60 yards. The tide had 20 rushing first downs and 2 passing.

Statistics courtesy of Tim Staats, Sam Hilton, and Jason Jackson.