Constellium announced this week that it has signed a multi-year agreement with The Boeing Company to support its leading commercial airplane programs.

With this agreement, Constellium further strengthens its longstanding partnership with Boeing and confirms its leadership position for aerospace aluminium products and solutions.

Under the new agreement, Constellium will supply Boeing with a broad range of advanced aluminium rolled products coming mostly from its plant in Ravenswood, West Virginia.

“This new contract reflects the strong relationship established over the years with Boeing,”said Ingrid Joerg, President of Constellium’s Aerospace and Transportation business unit. “We look forward to continuing to support Boeing in its commercial airplane programs.”

A global leader for aerospace aluminium plate production, Constellium is a major partner of aircraft manufacturers all over the world. As the leading provider of pre-machining and custom-designed aerospace materials, and the producer of many advanced proprietary alloys and technologies such as Airware®, its aluminium-lithium alloy solutions, Constellium offers sustainable growth solutions to its customers.

Jackson County Development Authority executive director Mark Whitley said the Constellium announcement is great news for Jackson County.

“That's huge for us. We're very excited for the long-term Boeing contract. It will have very positive economic benefits to our community for years to come,” he said.

Ravenswood Mayor Josh Miller said the contract is proof that Constellium is a leader in its field.

“I’m always going to be supportive of American manufacturing and our workers and Constellium is doing a great job from the management all the way down to the workers because those jobs those renewal contracts aren't coming if we're not doing the best work in the world,” Miller said.

Constellium (NYSE: CSTM) is a global sector leader that develops innovative, value added aluminium products for a broad scope of markets and applications, including automotive, aerospace and packaging. Constellium generated €5.2 billion of revenue in 2017.