Two men were arrested recently for breaking into the same house twice, according to police.

Damien Jacob McDougal, 22, Maplewood Heights Drive, Ripley, was charged with two counts of burglary, two counts of conspiracy to commit a felony, and one count of attempting to commit a felony. Bradley Burton Hickman, 21, 12305 Point Pleasant Road, Mount Alto, also was charged with two counts of burglary, two counts of conspiracy to commit a felony and one count of attempting to commit a felony.

On Aug. 25, the Jackson County 911 Center received a call from Amanda Haide concerning a burglary at 57 Lone Oak Road in Cottageville. Haide reported a female and two males had broken into the residence and left in a green sedan traveling toward Cottageville, according to reports filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court.

Deputies Bryan L. Varney and Joshua Hurt responded to the call. Upon arrival, Varney spoke with the residents and victims, Gabriel L. Garcia, Venancio R. Martinez and Ricardo R. Martinez.

Garcia told officers he pulled in the driveway and saw a green sedan parked in the driveway near the road. Garcia asked a female occupant of the vehicle what she needed and she asked if Stormy Miller still lived at the residence. Garcia told the woman no one by the name currently lived at the residence.

Garcia told police he saw two males run out of the back door of the home. The two men got into the vehicle with the female and left, police said.

As the vehicle was pulling away, Garcia noticed it had a temporary license plate and the car smoked badly from the exhaust. During the investigation, officers learned the perpetrators most likely entered through the front door since it did not secure tightly.

Garcia reported several items were missing from the home, including keys to a Nissan pickup truck, a yellow lady's watch, a yellow men's watch and about $50 in change, according to court documents.

The perpetrators also had attempted to steal a four-wheeler that was that was locked to the back porch with a cable lock. The lock was cut and found in the yard in the direction the males had run, police said. The ignition wires had been cut on the four-wheeler, apparently in an attempt to hot-wire it.

The officers searched the area but did not locate the suspects or the vehicle.

Around 2:58 p.m. the next day, the 911 center received a call about a possible domestic situation. Dispatchers heard a woman screaming and also heard what they believed to be gunshots.

Varney and Deputy Julia Bowen went to the residence where the disturbance was reported, 12385 Point Pleasant Road, Mount Alto. When they arrived, they spoke with Bradley Hickman and Hali Flinn. Flinn told the officers she had been yelling at Hickman but no guns were fired, police said.

Varney noticed Hickman's and Flinn's vehicle matched the description of the vehicle from the burglary on Lone Oak Road. Varney asked Flinn where she had been the previous day. She reported she was in Clay County and she had driven the car there. Bowen took digital photographs of the vehicle. As the officers were leaving, Hickman started the green Ford Crown Victoria and the officers noticed it smoked badly from the exhaust, police said.

Varney contacted Haide and asked her if Garcia had described the female driver. Haide reported Garcia said the female had blonde hair and was heavy set. This description matched Flinn's appearance, police said.

Bowen and Varney went back to the Point Pleasant Road residence to speak with Flinn and Hickman. Upon arrival, the officers spoke with Flinn, who said she took Hickman and another male to the Lone Oak residence at their request. Flinn said the two males told her Stormy Miller had asked them to retrieve two generators she had left at the residence.

Flinn told the officers she sat in the driveway while Hickman and the other man went to the home.

The officers went to the camper where Hickman and Flinn were staying to place Hickman under arrest. Varney knocked on the door and did not get an answer. Varney opened the door and saw McDougal laying on the bed. Hickman was not found in the camper and had fled the scene. Varney had McDougal exit the camper so the scene could be secured and a search warrant obtained, police said.

Varney returned to speak with Flinn, who confirmed that McDougal was the other individual she had taken to the Lone Oak residence. Bowen placed McDougal in handcuffs and placed him in a patrol vehicle. Bowen remained at the residence to secure the scene, police said.

Varney left the scene and traveled to the sheriff's office to obtain a search warrant for the home, property, and vehicles. Varney was contacted by Haide, who reported the residence had been broken into again and numerous items were stolen. Some of the stolen items reported were jewelry, quarters, boots, shirts pants and over $100 in change, police said.

Varney returned to the scene and the officers executed the search warrant. During the search, Hickman was found under the bed in the camper and arrested.

The search of the camper and the Crown Victoria produced numerous items from the alleged burglary. The alleged victims confirmed the items were stolen from their property.

Police interviewed both McDougal and Hickman. According to court records, McDougal refused to admit to the break-in, but Hickman confirmed they broke into the residence twice.