The Jackson County Solid Waste Authority (JCoSWA) had scheduled with the WV Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) to hold a used tire cleanup for residents of Jackson County on Saturday, September 22, 2018. Recently however, the WVDEP notified the JCoSWA that all statewide tire cleanup events were cancelled due to contracting issues internal to WVDEP. We are hopeful that the WVDEP may still resolve these issues and reschedule our countywide tire event either later this fall or in the spring. The JCoSWA will notify the public as soon as another tire cleanup event is scheduled.

The JCoSWA would also like to take this opportunity to report that during the 2018 spring trash clean up event that:

• 93.02 tons of waste was collected and hauled to the landfill;

• 25 lbs. of Freon removed from refrigerators and AC units;

• 1 full truckload of goodwill items retrieved ; and

• 15.82 tons of steel recycled in addition to other recycled materials collected.

• The total cost for the event was $11,312.

The JCoSWA would like to thank the public for its participation in this event and over $700 in donations. Also a special thanks to the Francis Brothers for volunteering their time, their employees and their heavy equipment that helped make this event possible. Additional thanks to Russ Brown for handling removal of Freon from appliances, Day report for providing volunteer labor, Goodwill for offering their services to retrieve re-usable items, the County Commission for their financial and moral support and use of the County Farm, also thanks to Mike Fields and Keith Castle employees at the County Farm, and the JCoSWA Board members and its employees for planning the event and volunteering their time.