The Star Plastics team is excited to celebrate 30 years in business this August.

“Star celebrating 30 years in operation is the celebration of an idea that can become a successful reality,” says Doug Ritchie, Founder, President and CEO.

Over the last 30 years, Star has been a reliable and trustworthy material supplier who provides consistent, lot-to-lot compounded products at competitive prices. Two of Star’s main priorities throughout the years have been consistent quality and customer service. Not a single box leaves a Star facility without knowing exactly what’s in it and how it will perform.

Star operates with core values in mind. “We’re able to successfully service larger, global customers, while still hiring locally, growing our workforce, and supporting the communities we live in,” comments Molly Ritchie, Marketing Specialist. “Star has the dependable, responsive, and stable feel of a local company, but we also have the capabilities to satisfy large customers nationally and internationally, in North America, Asia and beyond.”

Today, Star is excelling at an unprecedented level. Being proactive and flexible in problem solving–be it material shortages, price increases, varying additive availability–has served the company well, as Star has remained a local West Virginia product from the start.

“Within the compounded plastics segment, which is not that much older than Star Plastics, we’ve grown and supported our customers through many market fluctuations over the years,” says Chuck Hoop, Director of Sales. “That makes me feel proud.”

The Star team plans on celebrating this milestone by reflecting on where they’ve been and looking ahead to where they’re going. “We’re celebrating 30 years of people working together to make an idea a reality; 30 years of hard work, dedication, learning, growing, and not being afraid of change,” concludes Doug Ritchie. During the next 30 years and beyond, Star will continue to move closer to their customers by offering application specifications with OEMs and Molders alike. Star’s growth plan for the next five years is projected to follow their current upward trend, allowing them to serve customers well into the future.

Star Plastics, Inc. is a dependable compounder of engineering grade thermoplastics headquartered in Ravenswood, West Virginia. With an accomplished full service laboratory to develop, test, and process materials, Star Plastics offers high quality custom color compounding (known for lot-to-lot consistency), tolling services, and material marketing. The team at Star Plastics prides themselves on being responsive to customer requirements with a high level of technical aptitude and strong product knowledge. For more information visit