Organizers of the Raid on Ravenswood officially informed the city recently of their plans to move the event to the Jackson County Junior Fairgrounds.

Eric Saho is captain the 17th Virginia Company F, the reenactment unit that hosts the event. Back in June, Saho appeared before the Jackson County Commission to ask if the event could be conduct at the Jackson Junior Fair Grounds rather than in Ravenswood. Commissioners approved of the idea but said details, such as rental costs and logistics, would have to be worked out.

On Aug. 21, Saho apologized to the Ravenswood Council for “letting the city down.” He said the feedback he received indicated the event wasn’t successful.

“I feel like I let a lot of people down. I feel like I let the city of Ravenswood down,” Saho said. “I feel like I did not live up to your expectations. I publicly apologize for that.”

By moving the event to the fairgrounds, organizers can make it “bigger and better” in the future, Saho said. If the event does not grow and get better, it will eventually die.

“We feel like it’s in everyone’s best interest to move it to the fairgrounds,” Saho said. “I wanted to come to tell you face to face the reasons why. We appreciate everything you guys did for us.”

Saho said he wants Ravenswood to continue to be a part of the event.

Mayor Josh Miller said he believes taking the event out of Ravenswood removes the central theme of the event, but he said the city would look at whether it can help.

“The kids had a good time; that’s what’s important,” Miller said.

In other business:

• Maintenance supervisor Bob Huffman said the city is saving about $500 a week after switching its garbage disposal from the Meigs Transfer Station to the Athens-Hocking Landfill.

“We will know exactly what we’re saving after the first quarter,” he said.

• Fire Chief Craig Blackhurst report the department went on 54 runs last month, and is average about seven minutes for response time.

He also noted the department’s fire safety house was on location at the Jackson County Junior Fair, the Ohio River Festival and the open house at Henry J. Kaiser Elementary School.