A Kenna man was arrested for allegedly firing a weapon at a tow truck driver trying to repossess his vehicle.

James Albert Ramos, 53, 3799 Fisher Ridge Road, Kenna, was charged with wanton endangerment involving a firearm; bond is set at $10,000.

On Monday, July 23, the tow truck driver called 911 to report he had been shot at on Fisher Ridge Road while attempting to repossess a vehicle, according to a criminal complaint filed by Lt. Todd Roberts of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

Roberts and Deputy Saltsgaver met with the alleged victim, who said he went to 3799j Fisher Ridge Road to repossess a 2015 Chevrolet Malibu from Ramos, according to the complaint. The victim reported that Ramos was initially calm, but when the victim began to hook up the vehicle to the tow truck, Ramos allegedly stated he was going inside to get a gun.

Ramos allegedly came back outside and fired several rounds while standing near the back of the tow truck, according to the complaint. The victim was on the phone with his boss, who told him to drop the car and leave.

After speaking with the alleged victim, officers went to Ramos’ residence. Ramos was not home, but deputies learned from a neighbor that he had gone to “straighten things out with the bank,” according to the complaint.

While Saltsgaver and Roberts were at the residence, Ramos returned home. He allegedly admitted to firing rounds into the air while the victim was hooking up the car, the complaint states. Ramos gave the officers the firearm.