A Charleston man was arrested in Jackson County after fleeing from the scene of an accident in Mason County and leading police in a chase, according to court records.

Timothy Ray Shaffer, 28, 1739 Sugar Creek Drive, Charleston, was charged with felony fleeing with reckless indifference; bond was set at $15,000, according to documents filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court.

On June 17, around 10:14 a.m., the Jackson County E-911 Center received a call from the Mason County 911 Center concerning a vehicle involved in an accident in Mason County. One of the vehicles had left the scene and was traveling toward Jackson County on New Haven Road, according to court documents. Dispatchers reported the vehicle was a gray Dodge Stratus with a West Virginia registration.

Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy B. Varney was on Point Pleasant Road in Jackson County and saw a vehicle matching the description with front-end damage traveling northbound on Route 2, court records show. Varney pulled in behind the vehicle and noticed it had increased its speed.

As Varney came in sight of the vehicle, he activated his emergency blue lights and siren. The vehicle increased its speed to over 100 miles per hour and Varney initiated pursuit, records show.

Varney saw the vehicle allegedly pass another vehicle on the double yellow line just before the Route 2 and Route 62 intersection. He saw the vehicle pass another vehicle on the double yellow line just past the Dollar General, according to court documents.

Court records show Varney’s pursuit speed was in excess of 113 miles per hour. As the vehicle approached the J-Mart gas station, a vehicle pulled out in front of the fleeing vehicle, which caused the fleeing vehicle to go out of control and skid off the roadway to the right, where it came to a stop disabled.

As Varney pulled up to the crashed vehicle, he observed a white male in a white tank top and tattoos on his shoulders and neck exit and run from the vehicle into the thicket, court records show.

Varney deployed his K9 partner, Zamba, and attempted to follow the subject through the thicket but was unable to due to the thorns. Varney and Zamba went into the woods and began tracking the male subject, court records show.

Jackson County Humane Officer Teresa Hager was on Route 2 and saw a male jump out in front of a pickup on Route 2 and then jump into the pickup, court records show. The truck continued toward Ravenswood. Ravenswood Police Department Officer Jonathan Garrett responded to Hager’s radio call and was able to locate and detain the male subject on Flatwoods Road, court documents state.

The male subject was identified as Shaffer. Shaffer had numerous scratches on his body due to running through the woods and briers, court documents allege.

Deputy J.F. Bowen traveled to Flatwoods Road and took Shaffer into custody and transported him to the Sheriff’s Office for processing, court records show.

Varney took photographs of the vehicle and the crash scene. The registration on the vehicle was the same as provided by Mason County, court records allege.

At the sheriff’s office, Varney positively identfied Shaffer as the male subject that ran from the vehicle and into the woods. Shaffer’s driver’s history showed his driver’s license was suspended for unpaid citations.