An Evans man has been charged with escape after he allegedly attempted to flee from police officers conducting a home confinement check.

Burton James Garnes, 37, 340 Straight St., Evans, was charged with a felony count of escape. He was arraigned by Magistrate Jacqueline Casto, who set bond at $25,000. Garnes was incarcerated at South Central Regional Jail.

Around 3:45 a.m. on Friday, Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy B.A. DeWees and Deputy J.T. Hurt, along with Patrolman J.P. Anderson, went to Garnes’ residence to conduct a home confinement check, according to a criminal complaint filed by DeWees in Jackson County Magistrate Court.

Garnes was on home confinement as a condition of his bond through Jackson County Circuit Court.

DeWees asked Anderson to go because the officers had received word that Garnes’ girlfriend was staying with him, according to the complaint. One of the condition of Garnes’ bond stipulated he was not allowed to have contact his girlfriend or have her in his residence while he was on home confinement.

DeWees and Hurt went to the front door, while Anderson went to the back door of the residence. When DeWees knocked on the front door, he and Hurt heard a loud noise, that sounded as if someone was running through the residence, according to the complaint. The noise started near the front door where DeWees and Hurt were and went toward the back of the residence. DeWees and Hurt heard the back door open and started to run around the back of the house.

Anderson was standing by the back door when DeWees knocked on the front door, and he also heard what sounded like running footsteps through the residence. Anderson then saw Garnes allegedly run out the back door, down the steps and into the back yard, according to the complaint.

When he saw Anderson, Garnes allegedly uttered an expletive and told officers there had been recent thievery at his residence, so he ran outside to check things out when he heard his dog barking, according to the complaint.

Anderson made Garnes go back into the residence and open the front door for DeWees and Hurt. DeWees and Hurt entered the residence and began to search the residence, according to the complaint.

DeWees asked Garnes on more than one occasion if anyone else was in the residence besides him and Garnes claimed no one else was there. While DeWees was searching the residence, he located a female’s purse with a prescription bottle that belonged to Garnes’ girlfriend.

A search of the residence did not turn up anyone else. However, while standing in the living room speaking with Garnes, DeWees noticed noticed the bottom of the couch was covered with a plywood board. DeWees removed the board and located Garnes’ girlfriend under the couch attempting to hide from the officers, according to the complaint.

DeWees asked the female to get out from underneath the couch. He then placed Garnes under arrest.