A Tennessee man was charged with breaking and entering and grand larceny for allegedly breaking into a pipeline office in Ripley and stealing electronics, police said.

Michael Allen Dixon, 29, 261 Rossway Lane, Stantonville, Tenn., was was arraigned Tuesday by Magistrate Jacqueline Casto on the two felony charges and incarcerated in South Central Regional Jail in lieu of $60,000 bond, according to a criminal complaint filed by Detective Sgt. M.E. Cullen of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

On Monday, May 21, around 5:53 a.m. the Jackson County 911 Center received a call that a building at 3466 Charleston Road, Ripley, had been burglarized sometime during the weekend, according to the complaint.

Deputy B.L. Williams, Deputy Hurt and Lt. Metz responded, and Williams was directed to a side window of a portable office building on the Henkle and McCoy pipeline yard. Williams saw the window screen had been removed from the window and it appeared the window had been pushed up to open it, the complaint states.

Williams spoke with Celeste Dunn, an employee whose office contained the window. Dunn looked through the items in her office and provided Williams with information about items that were missing, the complaint states.

The items missing from Dunn’s office included a HP Pavilion all-in-one computer and monitor valued at $1,500, one HP Deskjet 3755 printer valued at $70, one Apple iPad tablet valued at $800, and 48 Durham Geo Slope Indicator S-170 Penetrometers valued at $100 each, the complaint alleges.

Two monitors also were missing, one an HP valued at $500 and the other an Element valued at $300. The Pavilion computer and the HP Deskjet printer belonged to Dunn; the other items taken from her office belonged to TransCanada Company, according to the complaint.

Another Apple iPad was taken from an office belonging to Garry See, and another HP Pavilion computer was taken from an office belonging to Harold Frost. The iPad was owned by TransCandada, while the HP computer belonged to Frost, according to the criminal complaint.

Behind the office, in an area of tall grass and brush, officers located one of the HP Pavilion computers and the iPad that was taken from See’s office, the complaint states. Behind a storage unit owned by Mike McGrew, officers found the other HP Pavilion and the HP Deskjet printer that had been taken from Dunn’s office. Officers also found several Hershey Kisses candies, which officers believe may have come from a bowl in Frost’s office that contained a large number of the candies.

According to the complaint, a DNA sample was lifted from the door knob on Dunn’s office by Deputy Hurt. Dunn stated her door is always closed when she leaves her office, and that morning when she arrived, the office door was open.

Cullen, Chief Deputy H.L. Faber and Deputy Gary Baldwin responded to the scene upon coming on duty and and arrived around 7:30-7:45 a.m.

After a brief time, Faber called McGrew, who owns the State Farm insurance agency and storage buildings next door to where the building was broken into.

“McGrew has multiple cameras on the corners of his buildings and we were attempting to see if his cameras captured anything on the night of the break in,” Cullen wrote in his complaint.

Once they arrived, Faber and Baldwin, along with McGrew, viewed the video footage. They saw that early Sunday morning, a truck pulled into the parking lot of the insurance agency and drove behind the storage units. The video indicated the vehicle arrived shortly after 2 a.m. and left shortly before 3 a.m. Sunday, the complaint states.

On the video, officers saw a suspect go toward the building that was broken into. Shortly thereafter, the video showed a suspect coming out of the back door of the building. He had entered through an unlocked window on the north side after removing the screen, according to the complaint.

The video showed a suspect removing items from the building out the back door and lifting them over a small chainlink fence to transfer to the truck, according to the complaint. The video also showed someone in the passenger side of the truck. While passenger never exited the vehicle, the video showed them opening the door at one point, the complaint alleges.

Later Monday, investigating officers located the truck in the parking lot at the Ripley Walmart and learned Capt. Brad Anderson of the Ripley Police Department had arrested Dixon on Sunday for shoplifting from Walmart. Anderson informed the deputies Dixon was incarcerated at South Central Regional Jail, the complaint states.

The truck was towed by Haynes Wrecker Service to their lot, where later Monday Faber executed a search warrant on the vehicle. In the bed of the truck, officers found an iPad believed to be stolen during the break-in, the complaint states.

Baldwin and Cullen went to South Central Regional Jail Monday afternoon and interviewed Dixon. Dixon allegedly told officers he was driving the truck, but only got out to relieve himself. He also told officers he went to the area to have sexual intercourse with a female who was with him, the complaint alleges.