Two men were arrested and jailed last week for assaulting a man they said raped a friend of theirs.

Nathan Williams, 24, 413 Eighth St., Parkersburg, and Jonathan Carl Forshey, 27, 410 Washington St., Apt. 5, Ravenswood, were charged with robbery and assault during the commission of a felony. They were arraigned by Magistrate Teresa Robinson and incarcerated on $10,000 bond each.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Cpl. H.M. Parsons of the Ravenswood Police Department, on May 6, a female acquaintance of Williams and Forshey went to the Washington Motel and told the two men, as well as a male juvenile, that a Mexican male had come into her apartment at Mountain Park Apartments and raped her and that he was still in her apartment asleep in her bed.

On May 7, the juvenile male provided Sgt. Seth Fisher with a written statement that said the day before, he, Williams and Forshey went to the female’s apartment and found the hispanic male in bed asleep, according to the complaint. The juvenile further stated that Williams and Forshey went into the kitchen and found cooking pots and returned to the bedroom and proceeded to strike the hispanic male in the face and head while he was asleep.

According to the criminal complaint, the juvenile stated that as the victim was trying to leave the apartment, Williams allegedly grabbed the pocket of the victim and took his wallet.

The hispanic male victim had to be taken to Jackson General Hospital by Jackson County Emergency Medical Services on the night the incident took place, according to the criminal complaint. Once at the hospital, the victim was examined and needed several staples and stitches to close the wounds on the left side of the head, above the right eye and on his nose.

As Fisher and Parsons were trying to locate Williams to speak to him about the incident, they found Forshey and asked if he had seen Williams. He said he had seen him earlier that day.

During the conversation, Forshey said he, Williams and the juvenile went to the woman’s apartment and told the hispanic male victim to leave, according to the complaint. When he didn’t they “did what they had to do to help a friend,” the complaint states.

According to the complaint, Forshey told investigating officers the hispanic male victim was “just an illegal Mexican. What’s wrong with what I did?”