A pair of prestigious honors handed out each year during Ripley High School’s Formal Awards Assembly is for the top senior sports performers.

And in 2018, Sam Pierson and Presley Fisher were those adding their names to an impressive list of past honorees.

Pierson was chosen as the Male Athlete of the Year and Fisher was the recipient of the Female Athlete of the Year.

The winners each year are picked through a vote of all head coaches at Ripley High School.

Pierson excelled in soccer and track and field during his Viking athletic career.

Fisher competed in soccer, basketball and track and field.

The award was started in 1969 and Terry Landis has the distinction of being the first to be chosen.

Sherry Hunt was recognized as one of the school’s best athletes in 1976. She was honored along with Rod Winters.

Phyllis Chancey was chosen in 1981 when just one award was still being handed out. In 1984, her younger brother Dave was selected. They along with Lisa (1990) and Kevin Thompson (1999) give the list a pair of brother/sister combinations.

Will Hosaflook, the school’s current principal (who is leaving to become superintendent of Wood County schools), was chosen in 1996.

The year of 1998 was the first official year for both a male and female to be picked with Jimmy Knight and Kelli Rose being recognized.

Current school board member Bobbi (Boggess) Farrell was the Female Athlete of the Year in 2000.

A pair of brothers has been honored in Benjie (1990) and Brett Hunt (1994) and David (2012) and Daryl Hicks (2013).

Butch Barnett (1980) and Brett Barnette (2007) are the only father/son combination to garner the award.

Ripley High Athletes of the Year

1969-Terry Landis; 1970-Jay Chambers; 1971-Gerald Matheny; 1972 Joey Crum; 1973-Jim Abshire; 1974-Bobby Casto; 1975-Mike Ludwig; 1976-Rod Winters and Sherry Hunt; 1977-Ron Arthur; 1978-Mitch Carmichael; 1979-Tommy Hayes; 1980-Butch Barnette; 1981-Phyllis Chancey; 1982-Steve Jordan; 1983-Brad Hunt; 1984-Dave Chancey; 1985-Matt Carver; 1986-Cindy Lanham; 1987-Mike Duke; 1988-Paul Blankenship; 1989-Ashli White; 1990-Benjie Hunt; 1991-Lisa Thompson; 1992-Cheryl Crawford; 1993-Clifton Landis; 1994-Brett Hunt; 1995-Matt Parsons; 1996-Will Hosaflook; 1997-Amaris Easter; 1998-Jimmy Knight & Kelli Rose; 1999-Kevin Thompson & Miranda Spangler; 2000-Derek Snyder & Bobbi Boggess; 2001-Jon Spencer & Erica Shaffer; 2002-Brock Stotts & Jessica Motes; 2003-Jeff McCoy & Christina Gossett; 2004-Jonathan Melhorn & Alison Spiker; 2005-Mitch Smith & Cara Waybright; 2006-Parker Deem & Ashton Canter; 2007-Brett Barnette & Jaimie Casto; 2008-Dewey Young & Tanya Melhorn; 2009-Seth Parsons & Michelle Sayre; 2010-David Heis & Alannah Sheets; 2011-Derek Mullins & Savana Whiting; 2012-David Hicks & Ryne Hill; 2013-Daryl Hicks & Ali Cunningham; 2014-Kade Harrison & Chelsey Hager; 2015-Jake Martin & Holly Farkosh. 2016-Luke Layhew and Audra Thomas; 2017-Anthony Jarvis & Laurel Miller; 2018-Sam Pierson and Presley Fisher