A pair of Elizabeth area men face burglary and robbery charges following their arrest for a lively daylight burglary on April 11, 2018 at a Providence Road residence.

A pair of Elizabeth area men face burglary and robbery charges following their arrest for a lively daylight burglary on April 11, 2018 at a Providence Road residence.

 Deputy C.R. Saltsgaver and Lt. T.T. Roberts of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and WVSP Senior Trooper G.C. Burnem responded to the scene at around 5:02 p.m.

 The home owner, Harold Hickman, and his brother, John Hickman,  were working outside the dwelling, when the owner went inside and found things had been moved. His brother joined him and they confronted a male suspect in the back bedroom.

 When confronted, the suspect (later identified as Caleb D. Robinson) dove through a closed window, shattering it and landing outside. A backpack and sunglasses were left behind by the suspect.

 John Hickman then confronted the suspect in the yard and the suspect produced a large knife from his ankle area and allegedly threatened Hickman with it. Hickman grabbed a large board to defend himself, and ordered the suspect to stay put until police arrived. 

 The suspect left the yard and climbed into a side by side parked a short distance down the road. Hickman told the officer he began striking the vehicle with the board in an attempt to stop the suspect’s escape.

  A second suspect appeared from the behind the dwelling in a wooded area, jumped into the side by side and the pair fled wet on Providence Road.

 Found inside the abandoned backpack in the dwelling were several knives, financial documents and electronics belonging to Harold Hickman. Also in the back pack were a package of insulin needles and a flashlight. Also discovered were a green coat and a pair of boots that did not belong to Hickman. Other bags filled with items from the residence were also found inside. 

   A pry bar was also discovered inside the doorway, which investigators believe was used to force entry.

 Video surveillance from neighbors showed the side by side with a LED light bar ont ghe hood and a cattle skupp with horns on the front bumper with the two suspects.

  Trooper Jarvis of the WVSP Elizabeth detachment also became involved in the investigation and identified possible suspects who had committed similar crimes in the Wirt County area.

 Jarvis had executed a search warrant for a stolen ATV and the recovered ATV with LED bar and cattle skull matched the side by side used in the Providence Road burglary. There was also winshiedld damge consistent with being struck by the board wielded by John Hickman.

Subsequently, Caleb D. Robinson ( who dove out the window and brandished the knife) and Cole B. Cheuvront (passenger who came from woods behind the house) were identified by the victims as the pair who burglarized the Providence Road dwelling and fled on the stolen side by side. A knife recovered during the search warrant for the stolen ATV was also identified by the victims. A trailer tailgate also found on the Hickman property matched a small utility trailer missing its tailgate at Robinson’s residence.

Deputy Saltsgaver obtained arrest warrants for both Robinson and Cheuvront for first degree robbery, breaking and entering and daytime burglary. Both men were arrested and remain lodged in the South Central Regional Jail. Bond for Robinson was set at $50,000 and $75,000 for Cheuvront.