Most Jackson County citizens are familiar with the No Hunger Food Pantry in Ravenswood.

Most Jackson County citizens are familiar with the No Hunger Food Pantry in Ravenswood. 

  What some may not be aware of is that the food pantry operates completely off donations. Donations, both food items and monetary, come from a variety of community groups, churches and individuals.

 One of the most heart touching and successful undertakings in 2017 for the pantry came from a very focused 18-year-old who has a vision and a well devised plan to help feed the hungry.

 Donald Lane, a Ravenswood High School senior and Boy Scout, is a tremendous blessing to the administrative board and volunteers of No Hunger Food Pantry, as well as countless members of our community.

  In the fall of 2017, Donald was told about the food pantry and how it operates. This then-17 year old Scout formulated a plan to help his community and at the same time complete his Eagle Scout project. He took on a great endeavor to feed the hungry.

 During the month of November, Donald executed his plan, along with other young friends. Donation boxes were placed at various locations in town. Donald organized a Fun Day, which took place at the NYA Hall. Admission to the event was a food donation. A town wide door-to-door campaign for food donations was also executed.

  When delivery time of his collections came about, Donald delivered at least one ton of food, along with a monetary donation of just under $1,000. When the Executive Director of No Hunger Liz Stewart and the volunteer work force thanked Donald, he simply replied, “I would do it again if you ever need me.”

  Donald, son of Don and Rose Lane, is certainly deserving of his Eagle Scout rank. Furthermore, this young man’s compassion, commitment and huge unselfish heart deserves a Badge of Community Honor.