THE ISSUE: A 'Shop With A Cop' had been added to th JCCF community grant fund array
LOCAL IMPACT: In its first year, the Shop With A Cop Fund benefitted 28 needy children in Jackson Coutny with a Christmas shopping spree at Wal-Mart with a area law enforcement partner.

The Community Foundation of Jackson County recently added a new fund to its collection of community grant funds- The Shop With A Cop Fund. 

  Tony Boggs, Ross Mellinger and Eric Cullen created the Shop With A Cop Fund in support of local charitable activities for children in need at Christmas time in Jackson County.   

  Their first official Shop With A Cop event took place December 16. 

  Twenty-eight selected school children and their families joined the City of Ripley Police, The City of Ravenswood Police, Jackson County DNR, local school PRO’s and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department for pancakes and sausage served at the Ripley Fire Department. Santa himself also made an appearance to greet and talk with the children. 

  After breakfast, the officers each took a child with them in their law enforcement vehicles for a parade through Ripley to the local Wal Mart. The officers shopped with the children where they were each allowed to spend up to $200 on anything they wanted.  

 “It was enlightening to see some of the children pick items for other fam

ily members and even boots, socks and snacks,” commented Sheriff Tony Boggs. 

 Detective Ross Mellinger commented, “We have been wanting to do this for a long time. Finally we got together and put it in action in late October. We raised over $8,000 for the program in less than 60 days to make this happen. The Community Foundation worked out our ability to have a fund and use the JCCF non-profit within an hour and we were ready to move forward with our program. ”

  “It is our goal to continue fundraising efforts as we grow the fund and grow the project for our children of Jackson County. I cannot count the trips I made to the JCCF office where we took many, many donations. We look forward to 2018 and hope to become bigger and better,” commented Detective Sgt. Eric Cullen. 

 “The Community Foundation is excited to partner with this wonderful project. We are an excellent resource for this group when it comes to charitable giving and taking in their donations. We are excited to see the officers in Jackson County build this fund. Even better- we are so glad to see all the law enforcement officers work together to make this project happen”, commented Christy Crowell, Executive Director, JCCF, Inc. 

If you are interested in donating to the Shop With A Cop Fund or getting involved with the local Shop With A Cop project, please contact The Community Foundation today. 

Please contact the Community Foundation to start your new fund today!!! Gifts to support any of the Community Foundation funds can be mailed to JCCF, Inc., 108 North Church Street, Ripley, WV  25271. Questions regarding this fund or other Foundation funds can be directed to Christy Crowell, Executive Director at 304-372-4500 or email