Clinton gave a speech where she called the members of the National Rifle Association, her greatest enemy and you have NO individual right to own a gun, even to defend yourself in your own home -t hen the Second Amendment means nothing at all to her.

She said the 1996 Australian Gun-Ban is worth looking at..The Australian government forcefully confiscated nearly 650,000 firearms of all kinds and destroyed them. The government threatened harsh prison sentences for those not turning in their guns, and it specifically stated that owning a gun for self-defence was not a valid reason to keep it. From handguns, pump-action shotguns to semi-automatic .22 rim fire rifles, were banned,confiscated from lawful people like you, and destroyed.

Clinton states that "would be worth considering doing on the National level" here in the United States. All of our 5 million NRA members and 100 million gun owners in America should not forget what is at stake in this election. A Clinton/Kaine victory would mean an anti-gun majority on the Supreme Court, and the end of our gun rights as we know them.

Clinton's ideology do not believe that the Constitution should stand in the way of their anti- freedom ideology. Also vote for Mike Wade, Fourth District, U. S. House of Representatives, a pro-gun candidate who supports our gun rights. Randy Forbes, one of the best Congressman in the House, held this seat for many years and I am sure Mike Wade will do the same.

Dismantling of our Second Amendment-protected rights is a centerpiece of her campaign. As Election Day draws near, gun owners must take every opportunity to defeat Hillary Clinton and to protect our firearm freedoms for present and future generations. For more info go to Donald Trump and Mike Pence will support your right to self-defense, appoint pro-gun Justices. Trump states "I will never let you down. I will protect our Second Amendment. I will protect our country."

Support and be sure to vote for Trump-Pence to keep America first and freedom first.



Bob Kline

Colonial Heights