JACKSON COUNTY - February is National Heart Month! 

Heart disease and stroke kills 1 in 3 women, yet it’s 80% preventable! 

Jackson General Hospital would like to show their support and raise awareness among local women.

Staff of Jackson General Hospital, Morad-Hughes Health Center, The Clinic @ Wal-Mart and JGH Auxiliary showed their support while wearing red for National Wear Red Day, February 5. The staff also collected $216.00 to donate to the American Heart Association!

While heart disease risk begins to rise in middle aged women, heart disease develops over time and can start at a young age, even in the teen years. Although significant progress has been made in increasing awareness among women that heart disease is their #1 killer, most women fail to make the connection between heart disease risk factors and their personal risk of developing the disease. 

It’s never too early, or too late to take action to prevent and control the risk factors for heart disease.

To find out more about women and heart disease, visit hearttruth.gov or to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified providers, call Morad-Hughes Health Center at 304-373-1578.