JACKSON COUNTY -  The following is a list of candidate who have filed candidacies for office in the upcoming May Primary/Nonpartisan Election.

Primary candidates are seeking political party nominations for the November General Election. Nonpartisan candidates will be elected to offices including judge, magistrate and Board of Education with the Primary Election balloting.

The list includes county offices as well as state offices representing Jackson County residents.  

County Commissioner

Dick Waybright, Republican (incumbent)

David Bourgeois, Republican


Anthony “Tony” Boggs, Democrat (incumbent)

County Clerk

Cheryl Bright, Republican (incumbent)

Jo Boggess Phillips, Democrat


Circuit Clerk

• Bruce DeWees, Republican  (incumbent)



• Brian K. Thomas, Democrat (incumbent)


Magistrate (nonpartisan)

• Tom Reynolds, Rebublican (incumbent)

• Jackie Bell Casto, Democrat (incumbent)


Prosecuting Attorney

• Katie Casto Franklin (Republican)



County  Surveyor

• Jason Woods


Soil Conservation District Supervisor

• Don Stephens

• Carla Mullins


Board of Education

• Steve Chancey

• Bobbi Boggess Farrell


Circuit Judge Judicial Circuit 5, Division 2 (nonpartisan)

• Lora Dyer of Ripley

• Kennad “Kenny” Skeen, II of Ripley


Circuit Judge Judicial Circuit 5, Division 1 (nonpartisan)

• Richard C. Tatterson of Gallipolis Ferry


Circuit Judge Judicial Circuit 5, Division 3 (nonpartisan)

• Anita Harold Ashley of Spencer