Two Carolina men face felony drug charges following a traffic stop by Ravenswood Police.

Two Carolina men face felony drug charges following a traffic stop by Ravenswood Police.

On Sunday (January 31) at approximately 9.44 p.m., a Ravenswood Police officer stopped a blue Hyundai for improper lane change and weaving--both indicators for intoxication.  

The officer approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Dominque L. Simmons, 28,  of Rural Hall NC.  As the officer was speaking Simmons, the officer could allegedly smell a strong odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle.  

A subsequent check on Simmons’ driver’s license revealed that he was suspended through North Carolina.  The officer then asked the driver to exit the vehicle and explained to him that he did not have a valid license.  The officer then asked the passenger, Joseph M. Cartlidge, 24,  of Greensboro, NC, if he had a valid license, which he did.  The officer then explained to Simmons and Cartlidge that he would be searching the vehicle due the strong odor of marijuana. 

Upon searching the vehicle, the officer found 6.1 grams of marijuana in a clear plastic bag located under the front driver’s seat.  

Also found were three one-pint bottles of liquid codeine, and one four-ounce bottle of liquid codeine for a total of four bottles. The codeine has a street value of $500 per pint.

 Along with the marijuana and codeine, the officer also discovered a loaded .40 caliber Glock handgun (with an extended magazine) in the vehicle that was stolen from Indianapolis, IN.  Both suspects were arrested on felony charges and transported to the South Central Regional Jail in lieu of bond.   Officers reported that both Simmons and Cartlidge have very lengthy criminal records. 

Bond was eventually set for Simmons at $125,000; and at $100,000 for Cartlidge on possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver charges.  

Ravenswood Chief of Police Lance Morrison stated, “If they keep coming to town with drugs, we will continue putting them in jail.”