RAVENSWOOD - Ravenswood Police Officers seized over one-half kilo of heroin with an estimated street value of $125,000 and arrested two South Carolina women in a traffic stop Friday evening.

Patrolman A. R. Boggess was on duty at approximately 6:47 p.m. Friday, when he observed a Oldsmobile Bravada with South Carolina plates traveling south on Route 68. Noticing defective equipment (a broken taillight) as the vehicle turned left onto Route 2 North, Boggess initiated a traffic stop.

Inside the car were two females, the driver Latizhon K. Hill, 27, of Rock Hill, SC, and a passenger Candice R. Brown, 33, also of Rock Hill, SC. Boggess noticed the driver appeared very nervous as she retrieved the requested identification, registration and proof of insurance.

Asked or permission to search the vehicle, Hill allegedly refused Boggess, who then frisked both women for weapons and/or illegal substances and requested K-9 handler J.B. Thompson and K-9 officer Dax to come to the scene of the traffic stop. Deputy Sheriff J.P. Anderson also arrived to assist. A free air sniff by Dax resulted in a positive indication for narcotics in the vehicle.

A search of the vehicle was undertaken and discovered by Deputy Anderson was a black duffle bag with skull prints on it in the rear hatch containing two clear plastic Ziloc bags labeled “vacuum sealer system.” In the front compartment of the duffle bag was a bag containing approximately 257 grams of brown powdery substance believed to be heroin. In the other bag was approximately 259 grams of the same brown powdery substance for a toal weight of 516 grams (a little over half a kilo).A field test on the substance was positive or heroin.

Both Hill and Brown were arrested and charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance (heroin). It was later determined that the pair were allegedly transporting the heroin from Columbus, OH to Charlotte, NC for sale there.

Both women remain lodged in the South Central Regional Jail in lieu of $250,000 bond each.

Ravenswood Chief of Police Lance Morrison noted that the seizure was the largest heroin bust ever made by his department.