SHERMAN - Are you a fisherman seeking a storage facility for your boat during the winter months? Perhaps you’re a young person who has recently moved out on your own and need a place to store some large furniture pieces?
Look no further. Ben Coleman a 12-year businessman, recently opened a storage facility off Route 68, two miles on the outskirts of Ravenswood in Sherman, called Sherman Self Storage. The storage facility project originated in January 2014 and the foundation was poured in the summer of 2014.

 Coleman has prior experience with rental property, and is very excited to “get the word out” to Jackson County that Sherman Self Storage is open and ready to be utilized for customer needs.

Coleman shared there are 89 units in total with five buildings and 72 units. Some units may be divided in half due to their large size. Certain storage units have front and back door access, especially good for those seeking to store large amounts of items. The customer will be able to access their items from both ends. This feature to the building units will also benefit boaters seeking to store their boats during the winter months.

The price to rent a unit from Sherman Self Storage will vary depending upon size; however, prices range from $45 and up.
Coleman is also considering a special pricing deal for those who lease for six months or one year.
Please call 304-273-2440 for further inquires and Coleman will gladly assist you.