JACKSON COUNTY - Tuesday’s General Election trend, which saw Republicans win a majority races across the country, hit home in Jackson County in the race for County Commission.

In one of the local eection’s closest final results, Republican challenger Mitch Morrison unseated two-term Democratic incumbent TommyNutter by 224 votes. Morrison who ran on a campaign of listening to the people garner 4,171 votes (51.34%) to Nutter’s 3,947 votes (48.58%)

Indeed the General Election offered a close call for Nutter and Morrison with a “clear winner” call on the fence the majority of the night.

 “We had a good race,” said Morrison. “Mr. Nutter and I ran a good, clean race. I want to thank him for that. It was a close race. I certainly want to thank the people who helped me out—my staff, my family who’s stood by me—my wife and family who were with me through this. A lot of work goes into this. It doesn’t matter what party you’re in. I also want to thank the people of Jackson County for their confidence and their vote. I will work to prove their confidence that me as one of their County Commissioners is well-found.”

Incumbent Tommy Nutter held a commission seat for five years and eleven months. Nutter’s final day will be December 31, 2014. “It is what it is,” sai Nutter. “Good luck and keep our county in good shape if you can.”