RIPLEY - Jackson General Hospital marks it 50th year anniversary celebration on November 7th at 2:00 p.m. Special guest speakers Dr. Ali Morad and Dr. James Hughes will be in attendance alongside of Mayor of Ripley Carolyn Rader and Mayor of Ravenswood Michael Ihle, who will offer presentations themselves.

In the past 50 years, Jackson General has undergone numerous beautification renovations on the interior and exterior of the hospital. Jackson General takes great pride in their facility and hopes that the public witnesses the care placed into maintaining the facility for the town of Ripley and surrounding areas.  

In March 1960, Jeanne Hunter was presented the Charter by Secretary of State Joe Burdette as recognition for her dedication to bring the Jackson General Hospital project forward originally. On January 25, 2014 Mrs. Hunter was presented the “Pioneer Award” for spearheading the organization of the Community Health Association, initiating the building of a community hospital, influencing local organizations to get involved, and continuing to support the efforts of Jackson General Hospital. The award was presented at the Jackson General Hospitals Foundations 50th year of Anniversary “Golden Jubilee” Gala.

Mrs. Hunter stated, “ For the past fifty-five years Jackson General Hospital has been and continues to be a very important part of my life. Jackson General was needed and developed for the people of Jackson County and surrounding area.
Development and growth can be attributed to four different sources. [Number one] The medical staff has been top notch. If they couldn’t take care of you they made sure to find you the needed service. [Number] two the super employees are well known for their concerning care. Number three the board of directors which have represented all parts of Jackson County have been excellent forward-looking workers. Number four the patients, family; friends in this area of the state have strongly supported Jackson General. Right now, the hospital is involved in big decisions for the present and the future. Support and guidance are needed from this community. I am very proud of the hospital and I thank Jackson County.”

Since 1960 Jackson General has progressed vastly in capabilities provided through the facility. Below is a general timeline of the progression made throughout the Hospitals history.

• 1960-A group of concerned citizens from across the county shared a vision of building a hospital to meet the primary medical needs of the community-Hospital was organized March 20, 1960. March 1960 formed the Community Health Association; their first meeting was at Gilmore School.
• 1964-First patient admitted- November 19th, 1964. When the hospital opened in November 19, 1964 currently they held 47 employees and 5 doctors.
• 1968-Adult medical wing/pediatric wing added at a cost of $182,000
• 1969-Annex opened in November
• 1970-Extended Care Unit and Technological Unit added at a cost of 737,000
• 1972-Added a five-bed long-term care unit was completed. It served the community for 11 years.
• 1973- July2nd, Dr. Hsin Lin jointed JGH in the Pediatrician field
• 1976- The two-story addition along with the Outpatient and Emergency Room area added at a cost of $250,000
• 1979- Doctor’s office building was constructed on hospital property at a cost of $134,000
• 1983- Long-term care services were phased out and a 20- bed substance abuse unit was developed.
• 1984- 23 Physicians on its staff and over 235 employees who staged the hospital 365 days a year
• 1989- 3.2 million was borrowed to build a new surgical suite and to remodel other areas of the hospital
• 1990- Foundation completed a $500,000.00 capital gift campaign which provided medical equipment for a major expansion and remodeling project
• 1992-Partners in Health Network
• 1993- Emergency Room, Outpatient registration, and medical records department renovations
• 1994-Ambulatory Care and Surgery patient care wing was expanded. The hospital added a helipad.
• 1995-Sports Medicine program added
• 1998- Installed a new computer system hospital-wide
• 1999- CCU heart monitoring equipment added
• 2000-Launched hospital internet website as well as adding magnetic resonance imaging and bone density services
• 2002- Cardiac rehabilitation center opened
• 2003-Purchased CT scanner, Opened a health clinic staged 7 days a week (MHHC) named for two physicians
• 2005- Outreach Laboratory Services at area senior centers
• 2007 Patient Records Digital Archiving, Renovated Emergency Department and Phlebotomy, Licensed for 41 beds Electronic Medication System, two new ultrasound machines with color Doppler
• 2008- August 4th JGH opened Morad- Hughes Health Center on the second floor. Paved Hospital Parking lot, installed new AGFA PAC System for digital radiology films new orthopedic surgeon, renovated patient rooms, Remodeled OR and Central Sterile upgraded to a 32-slice CT scanner, New laparoscopic equipment for Operating Room purchased ACL elite coagulation and LH 780 Hematology Analyzers for Laboratory Department New Pharmacy automated drug dispensing system and electronic medication reconciliation implemented new charity care policies and prompt pay discounts
• 2009-Initiated pre-registration for outpatient service to alleviate wait times in the registration areas remodeled the ICU/ CCU and nurses station, relocated the Morad- Hughes Health Center Purchased and used “Omnicell”, pharmacy automated drug dispensing system invested over $370,000. Invested over 370,000 in facility and equipment. Purchased BiPap Machine for Respiratory Therapy Departments.
• 2010-New Orthopedic and General Surgeons join the staff, Campus Physician Office Renovations and 240,000 plus in community outreach and education. Radiometer ABL 825 Blood Gas Analyzer for the laboratory, purchased web-based dictation program for health information systems department, alcon-infiniti vision system for surgical eye procedures, GE anesthesia machine, respiratory-esprit ventilator for respiratory therapy department, new outpatient pharmacy opened on the hospital campus, JGH Foundation fundraising campaign initiated to replace all patient beds with versa-beds at a total cost of $275,000
• 2011-JGH Auxiliary sponsored fundraising events and purchased an ice machine for the surgical department, replacement of phlebotomy chairs for the lab, opening of the clinic at Wal-Mart.
• 2012-46 bed acute medical facility that provides a variety of medical services for the community through its 80 member medical staff, a rural health clinic, primary specialty care providers, in-patients received critical access designation with an 25 bed capacity, developed an amnesty program.
• 2013- Nursing implemented bedside shift reporting and patient care wipe off boards, new core measures “PRIDE”, Dr. Jones relocated his Gynecology practice from CAMC to JGH, revised mission and vision statements.
• 2014-Upgraded CT scanner with a model that reduces radiation exposure to patients, new roof installed, remolded the current learning center for new pharmacy department and old pharmacy into new learning center, opened a satellite physical therapy office at the senior center in Ravenswood, New exterior paint, new A/C unit, added Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Theresa Simone to the MHHC staff to provide primary and hospital care for area patients billing implementation of ICD-10 Coding system, electronic medical record, mammography upgrades and new interior flooring.
Dr. Ali Morad reminisced about Jackson Generals early years, “This is the place [Jackson General Hospital / Jackson County] to come because people here are nice. “ “When they opened the hospital-the front of the hospital was full - everybody from Jackson County was there.”

Dr. James Hughes stated in regards to the upcoming celebration, “Over the years they’ve [Jackson General Hospital] acquired CT Scanners, investing MRI’s, In-house ultra sound, mammography equipment. So, they’ve [Jackson General] become rather self-sufficient and I think it’s been a progressive thing. I think it’s been under-for the most part good management and administration. I think the real jewel of that hospital is the workers. It’s really like a family. I think they deserve the biggest accolade for that kind of dedication.”

You are cordially invited to attend Jackson Generals 50TH Anniversary Celebration on Friday, November 7th from 2:00 p.m. till 3:00 p.m. Please RSVP by calling (304) 373-1597. Guided tours of the Hospital will take place from 10:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m. The celebration will take place in the HealthNet Hanger on the campus of Jackson General Hospital. Please come celebrate Jackson General Hospitals ongoing dedication set forth by the mission statement “saving lives, changing lives with quality health care, one family at a time.”