KENNA - Hope Community Church was established in the home of Pastor Larry Starcher and wife, Ella, at 3148 Dudden Fork Run Road.
On December 31, 2008,  the first sermon was preached at Hope Community Church. Pastor Larry Starcher stated “there was a good turn out” in regards to the first sermon. Mr. and Mrs. Starcher alongside Assistant Pastor Bernard Crichfield and wife, Brenda, originally founded the Hope Community Church. Since its founding, the church has grown through God’s grace.
Pastor Starcher explained that when the church first began, meetings were held in the back room of their single-wide home. However, attempting to fit 40 people into that room was not feasible. Later, with permission of their landlord, Mr. and Mrs. Starcher converted their living room into the church sanctuary. Many have stated the living room is the best part of their home.
The Hope Community Church offers sermons on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7 p.m., but their door is always open. The overall goal of the church, aside from spreading the gospel, is to “get folks in church.” At Hope Community, all denominations are welcome to attend, Hope Community will turn no one away. Through the power of prayer and the community in which it is located, Hope has been able to prosper immensely since its founding.

Sisters Amber Berry, 14, and Brittney Berry have been significant assets to the church and its continued growth.
“Amber, is a huge help with the church” as well as having a, “beautiful singing voice,” says Ella Starcher.
Also Lurne Myers has played a significant role in the prosperity by always lending a helping hand when needed. The church would like to thank the Scouts who donated the benches to the church.
Also Hope Community thanks their landlord Jim Hutchison for the donation of chairs. The church would also like to thank Carolyn Moore who helped establish the church’s name.

Hope Community Church thanks everyone who has contributed to the church over the years, and invites everyone to attend their homecoming celebration on August 10, 2014. Morning sermon will begin at 10 a.m. and lunch will be served at noon. Afterwards, Brother Elmore Miller will sing gospel music into the afternoon hours.  Mr. and Mrs. Starcher ask that you bring a lawn chair along with a covered dish for the event. There will be good food along with fellowship. Please come and celebrate Hope Community Church’s prosperity in Christ on August 10, 2014.