RAVENSWOOD - The fund drive to revamp Flinn Field has reached crunch time with the month of May in the quest to transform Ravenswood’s historic football stadium.

“June 1 is the deadline for our end of the funding if we want to get the entire bleachers done at once,” said Red Devil coach Mick Price. “What we need is for people to step forward and make their donations this month, whether they want to make individual seat donations, whether they are pooling their donations as alumni classes or if they are businesses. We really want to have all of the current visitor side bleacher in before our first football game whichkicks off the 100 Years of Red Devil Football season. We have very little room for error in getting the money we need to contribute on our end.”

In July, 2013, the concrete visitors’ bleachers at Flinn Field were condemned and demolished. A small set of temporary bleachers were brought in to serve during the 2013 season until plans and funds could be generated for new structures.
The Jackson County Board of Education’s has plans underway to replace the (two end) portions of bleachers that were removed in July, 2013. The largest middle section of bleachers is the responsibility of the current fund-raising effort.

“We really want to get this done all at one time rather than in phases,” said Price. “The existing section of bleachers isn’t really centered on the 50 yard line as it is now. If we don’t raise our share of the money needed for the entire project, the home side will have to remain where it is. Our dream is to return the home side to its original location (the current visitors’ side) with the new bleachers and a new press box.”

Price said when the metal bleacher which are on the current home side were originally installed, a lot of volunteer labor was used with parents and siblings involved in the work. That scenario isn’t possible now with the project having to be bid out and with labor/wage stipulations.

In addition, upgrades and enhancements needed to maintain the stadium would be made to make it one of the best high school stadiums in West Virginia, as well as allow adequate seating (3,000 seats) to host playoff games.

“If we’re unable to raise the money needed to put in the new press box, that could be a phase two,” said Price. “We have the existing press box we could still use until we’re able to add the new one, but the bleachers need to be done. That’s why we really need a donation push in May. We need people, fans, alumni, businesses to jump in and help us now so we can have the bleachers in for our first 100 Years of Red Devil Football season game.
“We’re having True Green come in to revamp our field grass. We have five great home games to mark this landmark season for our program. We need these bleachers installed. We don’t want chairbacks or anything thatcan lead to problems eventually. We just want bleachers—nice bleachers. We need everyone to jump in and help us—now.”

Stadium Member Level Sponsors (will be recognized on a sign at the stadium through Corporate and Generous Benefactor labels at Bronze and above and in the 100th year of football program)
Platinum Level--$20,000 and above
Gold Level--$10,000-$19,999
Silver Level--$5,000-$9,999
Bronze Level--$1,000-$4,999
Red Level--$250
Black Level--$100

Red Devil Donors—Any contribution (the amounts of all Devil Donors will be placed together to be classified at one of the above levels)

$250 “Buy A Seat” Donation
All identifiable groups or individual donors will have their names in the 2014 football program that will celebrate 100 years of football at Ravenswood High School.

100 groups or individuals pledge or donate $1.000: sign a pledge form or send checks/cash to ravens with high school stadium project by May 15 the members of this group will have their names on assignment Stadium.

1,000 groups or individuals pledge/donate $100: the donors in this group will have their names on assignment Stadium. Contributions are needed by May 15.

A Stadium Account will be set up a Ravenswood High School for the purpose of collecting funds toward this project. Progress will be advertised toward the goal and persons can call the school at 304-273-9301 for a progress report tor details. All contributions are tax-deductible, and will go to Flinn Field improvements. (See coupon on Page X-X.)

Lucy Harbert and Jennifer Fox are among the members of the bleacher committee.

For more information, contact any of the following: Mick Price, RvHS Athletic Director/RvHS Head Coach, e-mail: goreddevils@Hotmail.com; Steve Titus, RvHS Football Boosters President; Ethel Lemley, RHS Financial Secretary, e-mail: elemley@access.k12.wv.us; Jo Hendricks, RHS Principal, e-mail: jhendric@access.k12.wv.us; Jimmy Frazier, RHS Assistant Principal, e-mail: jgfrashi@access.K12.wv.US; or Blaine Hess, Superintendent, Jackson County Schools, e-mail: bhess@access.K12.wv.us.