KENNA - A Kenna woman has been charged with draining over $212,000 from the estate of her late father.
Deloris G. Freshour, 61, was arrested and charged with embezzlement following an investigation by Detective Ross Mellinger of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

Mellinger was contacted in February by Freshour’s brothers, Bobby and Mike Wolford, concerning their belief that their sister had depleted the considerable financial assets of their father, Jimmie Wolford, during a period from September, 2011 until his death in November, 2013.

According to Mellinger’s criminal complaint, Freshour was given “power of attorney” when Jimmie Wolford became incapacitated and was placed in a nursing home‑-Ravenswood Care Center. Between, September, 2011 and November, 2013, Freshour allegedly processed 174 checking transactions on Wolford’s account at United Bank in Ripley, ranging in amount from $100-$10,000 made out to “cash or her name” and totaling $135,513.87. She also allegedly removed $44,000 in cash from Wolford’s safety deposit box at United Bank.

Freshour also allegedly stopped paying all of Wolford’s nursing home and healthcare expenses, causing Bobby Wolford to pay $11,223.98 in expenses and Mike Wolford to pay $10,400 in expenses. She also accepted $8,000 from Bobby Wolford for a Chevrolet pickup truck with the understanding that the money would go to the estate/toward expenses. It did not.

In addition, Freshour allegedly accepted $1,500 from each brother for alleged unpaid pre-arranged funeral expenses for Wolford, but allegedly kept or spent $703.89 of the total.

In total, Freshour is accused of allegedly embezzling a total of $212,841.74.

She was subsequently arrested by Mellinger, and lodged in the South Central Regional Jail. Bond was set at $10,000 at arraignment by Magistrate Tom Reynolds. Freshour has since posted bond and been released pending further court action.