The late Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney was not shy about sharing his faith.

Mickey Rooney, a recently deceased Hollywood legend, was not shy about sharing his faith. "Nobody today knows it all. You learn something new every day. But there's nothing wrong with having faith. And you should take your children to church. Teach them about Jesus Christ and God," Rooney said in a 2011 interview, according to Laura Turner at Religion News Service. "If you go with God and Jesus Christ is your personal savior, and leave the troubles and everything to God, everything will work out for you," Rooney said. Rooney credited his belief in Christ to a meeting with an angel, per Mark Ellis at Godreports. Ellis wrote that in the '60s, Rooney was eating breakfast at Lake Tahoe when a busboy who had "blond curls, a white-rose complexion, and shining teeth" whispered, "Mr. Rooney, Jesus Christ loves you very much." The busboy disappeared after delivering his message. Rooney was a member of the Church of Religious Science (which numerous evangelicals believed was a cult) for a time after this experience, but "by the 1990s Rooney boldly proclaimed a very orthodox faith centered on Jesus Christ as his Savior," said Ellis. Rooney was frank about his beliefs and his failings. "I've given my life to God," he told Kira Albin in a 1995 interview, according to Ellis, "and I try and do the right thing, but inevitably, and unfortunately, I do the wrong thing. I suffer from being human." Rooney is known for being a star during "Hollywood's Golden Age," according to Adam Markovitz at Entertainment Weekly. He starred in hundreds of films throughout his career - which included the renowned Andy Hardy pictures - and worked alongside legendary leading ladies such as Judy Garland, who he co-starred with in 14 movies. He passed away on April 6 at the age of 93.%3Cimg%20src%3D%22http%3A//